Definitions for "Fiscal Intermediary"
An entity, usually an insurance company, that has a contract with HCFA to determine and make Medicare payments for Part A and certain Part B benefits to hospitals and other providers of services and to perform related functions.
A private company that has a contract with Medicare to process Medicare Part A claims (bills from hospitals and skilled nursing facilities). ( See also Intermediary.)
A private company that has a contract with Medicare to pay Part A and some Part B bills. (Also called "Intermediary.")
an accounting or payroll office that provides payroll functions for employers that don't want to invest in managing payroll functions for their employees
an entity that performs payroll tasks, including tax and insurance withholding, for individuals and families using in-home independent providers who are not employed by an agency
A regional administrator of payment/reimbursement for government programs.
an administrative and fiscal agent that assists you to use the money you get from DMR to pay for the services and supports you need
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