Definitions for "TiK "
Keywords:  pontos, atsiapat, etere, pontian, kalon
Tik (Greek: to erect)Dik Horon(Turkish: to erect horon) is a dance style of Pontos (Black Sea), Greece and Turkey . This dance is the basis of most of all Pontian dances (Etere, Kalon korits, Atsiapat, etc...). Its danced hand in hand, and travels to the right.
Keywords:  pounce, tcl, emoticons, buddy, ticker
TiK is a pure TCL/Tk implementation of AOL Instant Messenger . It has most of the features the native Win32 and Mac clients have, plus some extras. It includes a graphical buddy list display, full font support, graphical emoticons, away messages, buddy pounce, buddy ticker, IM/Chat capturing, message broadcasting, a GUI preferences system, and much more.
Keywords:  sephardi, heb, torah, jews, scroll
Heb. (Torah scroll holder) Used by Sephardi and Oriental Jews.
Keywords:  naktul, language
The language of the Naktul.
Keywords:  tenement, bathtub, tub, sink, kitchen
Tub in kitchen; denotes an apartment in which the bathtub is located in the kitchen (toilet and sink separate); usually found only in older tenements (see "Tenement")
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Abbreviation in Finnish, means CS.