Definitions for "Time Machine"
a science fiction machine that is supposed to transport people or objects into the past or the future
Time Machine was a series of children's books published by Bantam Books from 1984 to 1989, similar to their more successful Choose Your Own Adventure line of "interactive" novels. Each book was in the second person, with the reader choosing how the story should progress. They were designed by Byron Preiss Visual Publications.
Time Machine is an instrumental rock album released by Joe Satriani in 1993. The first CD is comprised of new, unreleased, and rare studio (such as tracks from Satriani's self-released 1985 EP) recordings, while the second one is comprised of live recordings culled from tours in 1988 and 1992.
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This is program for mobiles with Java . You can find out there a lot of informations about time,Sun,Moon etc. There you can find map of the world where you can find specific place and read local time. With compass and the Sun you locate north.
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an excellent track
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a performance work and song cycle which projects its musical sense back through itself and into its own future
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a device for travelling through time
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a force of nature