Definitions for "Titration "
The act or process of titrating; a substance obtained by titrating.
a chemical analysis process where drops of a standard solution are added to another solution or substance to obtain a response: color change, precipitation, or conductivity change, for measurement and evaluation.
The gradual adding of very specific amounts of one solution to another solution until a chemical reaction occurs. Used to determine concentration of a substance in a solution.
progressive, stepwise increase in CPAP pressure applied during a polysomnogram to establish the optimal treatment pressure
This is a method of determining what substances are in a person's system by testing bodily fluids. It can detect substances such as prescribed medication and also illegal substances such as drugs or alcohol. Dose titration means to slowly increase the dose of a drug to a level that can be maintained.
A process of regulating pressure(s) on a CPAP or BiPAP machine during a sleep study in order to find the minimum force(s) needed to counteract sleep apnea.
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Slow increase in drug dosage, guided by patient's responses
the measurement of volume; often used to refer to the determination of a drug dosage.
The adjustment of a medication's dosage in order to obtain the most favorable clinical response
A system of balancing; In chemotherapy titration means using the largest amount of drug possible while keeping the side effects from becoming intolerable.
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Titration is a multi-user, multi-project tracking system. It's simple and is designed to work with other project management and time-tracking projects. It is designed to show the present work load, priority, and state of projects. This is not a micro-management package, a project management tool, or time-tracking software.