Definitions for "TOD "
Transit Oriented Development. A term used for urban development that encompasses a direct and planned access to transit facilities.
Transit oriented development. A mixed-use community within walking distance of a transit stop that mixes residential, retail, office, open space, and public uses in a way that makes it convenient to travel on foot or by public transportation instead of by car.
Transit Oriented Development. Transit Oriented Development focuses a mix of land-uses, such as residential, office, shopping, civic uses and entertainment within easy walking distance from a transit station (1/4 mi., 5-10 minutes). This mix of uses, combined with thoughtfully designed community spaces, plazas, etc., forms a vibrant village-like neighborhood where people can live, work and play. Such a village is compact in size, pedestrian-friendly in design, can be customized to offer a wide variety of housing options, with convenient access to services, jobs, and plenty of ways to get around.
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A bush; a thick shrub; a bushy clump.
A fox; -- probably so named from its bushy tail.
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Tooele Ordnance Depot
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An old weight used in weighing wool, being usually twenty-eight pounds.
To weigh; to yield in tods.
28lb weight, used to measure wool.
Imagine a fully customizable magic-system which does not allow for a perpetuum mobile spell. For that you would need a "world" which is fully simulated without any aproximizations. That's TOD: a client/server allowing the user to be part of such a world..
Ticket on Departure (where a customer books a ticket through telesales or online, however, picks the ticket up at travel centres or via automated ticket machines)
Ticket on Demand
Total Oxygen Demand
A type of account that designates a beneficiary who will automatically become the new owner when the current owner dies. This type of registration has not been approved by all states.
Transfer on Death. A TOD is a beneficiary on a nonretirement account. In the event of death of the account owner, the account's proceeds are divided equally between the named TOD beneficiaries.
Transfer on death. A legal agreement between you and a financial institution that lets you pass ownership of certain assets in your individual or joint account to beneficiaries you choose. The assets bypass probate and go directly to your beneficiaries.
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lit. beast
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alone and on your own; "don't just sit there on your tod"
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Time of day