Definitions for "TRE "
Toxicity Reduction Evaluation. a study conducted to determine the source(s) of toxicity in a discharge effluent so that these sources can be controlled sufficiently to allow a discharger to comply with their permit limits.
A site-specific study conducted in a stepwise process designed to identify the causative agents of effluent toxicity, isolate the sources of toxicity, evaluate the effectiveness of toxicity control options, and then confirm the reduction in effluent toxicity.
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homestead, hamlet, town Tredegar
TRE is a lightweight, robust, efficient, portable, and POSIX compliant regexp matching library.
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Team Rip Engineering A DSM tuner specializing in high performance manual transmissions for Mitsubishi vehicles.
Topological Resonance Energy.
Temporary Reduced Earnings. A temporary reduced earnings rate of compensation pending adjudication of the actual amount of reduced earnings or the determination of the claimantâ€(tm)s reduced wage earning capacity.
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Three. Used with other terms, e.g. a tre voci, in three parts.
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shortened Latin meaning ‘In the time of King Edward’.
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Timer Relay, Electronic
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PC Tools Directory Tree