Definitions for "Trockenbeerenauslese"
Keywords:  austrian, sweetest, rot, berry, noble
This rank of quality for Austrian wine requires that the grapes be shriveled and nearly completely affected by noble rot. Harvested grapes have a minimum must weight of 30° KMW. The wine must have a minimum of 5% alcohol.
In the Qualitätswein mit Prädikat category of German white wines, as described by German wine law, this wine is made from the ripest grapes and so is the most rare, rich and expensive. It is made from the selected harvest (auslese) of individually picked grapes (beeren) that have been dried up (trocken) by noble rot, resulting in a wine that is richly sweet and deep gold in colour. The difficulty and risk of producing these wines, along with their exceptional quality, make them among the most expensive and highly prized wines in the world. German Wine Terms- Dallas Bartenders; Beverage Catering
(TROCK-en-BEHR-en-OWS-lay-zeh) - Tongue-twisting name for the sweetest and most expensive quality level of German wine, literally "dried individual grapes picked out," hand-selected and botrytis-affected.