Definitions for "Twining"
River Terrace is a neighborhood in Southeast Washington, D.C., near the eastern bank of the Anacostia River. It is bounded by Minnesota Avenue NE to the northeast, Branch Avenue to the northwest, and Pennsylvania Avenue to the south. The Fort Dupont year-round ice skating rink, and the Smithsonian's Anacostia Neighborhood Museum are nearby.
Keywords:  climbing, embracing, bot, hop, spirally
Winding around something; twisting; embracing; climbing by winding about a support; as, the hop is a twining plant.
The act of one who, or that which, twines; (Bot.) the act of climbing spirally.
Keywords:  spokes, weave, stakes, baskets, method
a method of weaving (usually with round reed) using two or more elements that twist around each other as they weave around the spokes or stakes; also called "pairing".
a method of weaving baskets
Keywords:  basketry, sewn, rods, joined, panels
A basketry technique in which short rods are sewn together vertically. The panels are then joined together to form a vessel.
Keywords:  coiling, support, object, around
Coiling around an object.
Coiling about a support.