Definitions for "Twister"
A coaster layout with numerous twists and turns in all directions.
A coaster that turns and twists into itself. As opposed to an Out and Back Coaster.
a roller coaster layout that is unpredictable
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A maneuver in which the skier turns the body one way and the skis the other way.
skis twist 90 degrees to one side of the body, hands and body twist to the opposite side
A maneuver in which the skier turns the body in one direction and the skis in the other.
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A corkscrew or twisting star, usually silver tailed.
another name for a tornado
Another term for tornado.
The twister, Bellapiscis medius, is a triplefin fish of the family Tripterygiidae, commonly found around the coast of New Zealand in rock pools and down to depths of about 2 m in reef areas of broken rock. It length is between 5 to 10 cm. It has a more rounded, blunter head than other triplefins.
Game including a plastic sheet covered with large colored circles, which is spread out on the floor. When it was first released in 1966 by Milton Bradley, detractors denounced the game as "sex in a box", but it went on to be hugely successful and sold more than three million copies in its first year.
Clay's favorite game to play with his Broads. Reference
Twister is a game of physical skill produced by Hasbro Games.
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Twister is aiming at providing an easily integrable, B2B oriented, BPM solution in Java based on the WS-BPEL specification. The communication layer follows Web Services standards. Twister supports the SOA pattern as well as human participants interaction
Twister is Brokat AG's kernel product that provides a modular, integrated Enterprise Application Server for customer-oriented e-Business applications. Its Enterprise Application Server technology enables the integration of corporate IT systems into the e-environment. With additional applications such as X-AGENT (for customer interaction), Twister Profiling Service (for CRM) and EAI, and Twister Integrated Tool Environment (for application development and administration), Twister provides the basis for an all-round solution. (see Brokat)
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Generic term for a twisting single somersault, eg. full, rudi, double full, randy, etc.
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A girder.
small friedcake formed into twisted strips and fried; richer than doughnuts
A line between anchors used for support by twisitng the line with a sturdy stick to reduce its length. Back to Glossary Index
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The twister is a famous stage magic trick. A girl is placed in an upright cabinet, with her head and feet visible. The magician spins the cabinet, then opens the front.
a localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground
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One who twists; specifically, the person whose occupation is to twist or join the threads of one warp to those of another, in weaving.
A worker who ties together the threads of a new warp and an old warp on a loom. Speed and accuracy are important. On average, a warp has about ten thousand threads or "ends"; twisting a warp this size takes an experienced twister between three and four hours.
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The inner part of the thigh, the proper place to rest upon when on horseback.
On maturity pays out a coupon minus the sum of the negative performances of the underlying assets over the different periods of the option's life. The underlying can either be an index or a single stock. There is a variant named Reverse Twister, which pays a coupon minus the sum of the positive performances of the underlying in different periods.
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a success on DVD, i for one am backing this baby by buying my copy, just like i do with the other movies i love
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The instrument used in twisting, or making twists.