Definitions for "U.S.C"
United States Code. A multivolume published codification of federal statutory law. ( Black's Law Dictionary. 7th edition. Bryan A. Garner, editor-in-chief. St. Paul, Minn.: West Group; 1999.) See also code
United States Code (compilation of congressionally enacted laws available in many public and private libraries)
U.S.C.A. Acronym for United States Code, or United States Code Annotated. The U.S.C. is a comiplation of federal laws, organized ("codified") into 50 subject sections, called "Titles", and published by the United States government. For instance, "Title 17" contains the copyright statutes. The USCA contains the full text and same organization as the USC, but also includes notes about case law, legislative history, etc. When referring to individual sections in a particular title, the short format is "17 U.S.C. § 101".