Definitions for "Union station"
A union station or union terminal is a train station where tracks and facilities are shared by two or more railway companies, allowing passengers to connect conveniently between them. Often the station is used by all passenger trains serving the city, but this is not necessarily true; specifically, commuter trains in Chicago, Illinois, for example, still use four different terminals.
Union Station is the grand ceremonial train station designed to be the entrance to Washington, D.C. when it opened in 1907.
Union Station is a major railway, subway, and streetcar station at 65 Front Street West between Bay Street and York Street in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Currently, the primary function of the railway station is to act as a terminus for commuters on GO Transit, thanks to which it is busier than any other transport facility in the country, including airports. It also serves as a hub for intercity trains, and many railway companies have their offices within the building.