Definitions for "Valkyrie"
Keywords:  odin, norse, maiden, warrior, battle
A battle-maiden that scouts the battle field for worthy souls and warriors that would meet Odin's expectations. In this game, there are three valkyries (it is never explained if Freya was one) and they are apparently directly connected to the control of fate and destiny as well. Valkyrie is also the default name that the Einherjar know Lenneth as. Extremely different role than the ones in Norse mythology.
(Norse mythology) one of the maidens of Odin who chose heroes to be slain in battle and conducted them to Valhalla
a sort of woman warrior who also rode a winged steed
Keywords:  sheildmaiden
a sheildmaiden
Operational code name for the Schwarze Kapelle plot to overthrow the Hitler regime - July 1944
the twelve servants of Woden; ferocious bird-women who destroy all who get in their way.
n. An assault helicopter or hover vehicle in attack mode.