Definitions for "Variable life insurance"
This type of insurance provides coverage for your entire life and builds up savings over time. You can invest your savings in a menu of mutual funds, which generally are managed by the insurance company.
This is also a type of life insurance that has an investment component as well as a death benefit. The main difference from universal life insurance is that you may select the types of investment vehicles as well as determining the investment amount.
is a permanent policy under which the cash value of the policy may fluctuate according to the performance of the underlying investment options. The policyholder can allocate their premiums among a variety of investment options offering different degrees of risk and reward: stocks, bonds, combinations of both, or fixed accounts that guarantee interest and principal. The cash value of a variable life policy is not guaranteed and the policyholder bears that risk. Most variable life policies guarantee that the death benefit will not fall below a specified minimum.
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Verbal threshold
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A form whose face value varies depending upon the value of the dollar or securities or other equity products at the time payment is due.