Definitions for "Venue"
A neighborhood or near place; the place or county in which anything is alleged to have happened; also, the place where an action is laid.
The place where a trail is to be held.
Refers to the geographical authority of a court to hear a matter.
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A registered club or hotel in NSW.
Often a conference centre, hotel or university. The venue must be booked well in advance to guarantee the space required.
Venue is a live sound environment introduced by Digidesign in February 2005. Merging technologies from it's Protools software with information from researching the needs of professional live mix engineers, the Venue system is Digidesign's unique live performance audio solution.
(1) Meeting site or destination. (2) (Entertainment) Location of performance such as hall, ballroom, auditorium, etc.
a location that has it's own set of singers
a location (within a building) where services are offered
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A word used to describe different Pay Per Click providers. For example Overture is a provider that sends its listings to Yahoo! and MSN among others.
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A bout; a hit; a turn. See Venew.
a storytelling unit that exists to better manage characters and games within the sanctioned chronicle
the site at which a game is run.
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A local theatre or arena where a touring show will load-in. See Also: Load-in
a small black room out of character with its other galleries and cinemas
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Venue is the what's on magazine for the Bristol and Bath areas of the UK.
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a PPC network that hosts your listings and syndicates them to different search engines
The platform of distribution such as a television program or film.
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The site of the meeting or event.
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a setting in which a presentation occurs
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