Definitions for "Vestibule"
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The porch or entrance into a house; a hall or antechamber next the entrance; a lobby; a porch; a hall.
vestibulum = entrance hall (where one takes off L. vestes = garments); entrance to nose, mouth, larynx, inner ear, female reproductive system.
A chamber; in the inner ear, the utricle and saccule.
a floorless, covered area in front of a tent door that's perfect shelter for mud-caked boots and grungy gear. Our tents are designed with vestibules that are either created by an extension of the fly or are separate and thus optional entities; as nice as that extra closet space is, sometimes cutting down on weight or the size of a tent footprint is more important.
a nice way to keep the interior clean and dry while protecting your outer gear
Variable space through which the lophophore passes in protruding and retracting. In cryptostomates, the part of the zooecial chamber between aperture and either hemisepta or boundary between exozone and endozone. (Boardman & Cheetham, 1983)
Outer portion of the vagina into which the urethra (the connecting tube from the urinary bladder) empties.
The area of the external female genitalia that includes the vaginal and urethral opening and the opening of the Bartholin's and Skene's glands.
The portion of skin at the vaginal opening that contains the openings of the urethra, vagina and glands.
The enclosed area at the end of a passenger car where the side doors are located. Also, a closed cab on steam locomotives to protect the engineer and fireman from inclement weather.
The enclosed area, usually in both ends of a passenger car, where patrons enter the car from the station platform and where they walk to move from one car to the next.
an enclosed area between the outside door of a building and the inside door
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To furnish with a vestibule or vestibules.