Definitions for "Alcove"
A recessed portion of a room, or a small room opening into a larger one; especially, a recess to contain a bed; a lateral recess in a library.
Any natural recess analogous to an alcove or recess in an apartment.
Recessed part of a room for desks cabinets and bookcases.  In the 18th century special beds were designed to fit such recesses.
Keywords:  cliff, cave, sandstone, shallow, face
A shallow, open cave in the face of a cliff. In the past, alcoves were often used as places to build houses.
An open cave formed by water in sandstone cliff faces. Alcoves were often used as places to build houses in the past.
Keywords:  ledge, belay, obvious, side, passage
A side passage that is relatively short (or appears to be) and does not have an obvious continuation.
a belay ledge that is surrounded on all sides by vertical rock
Keywords:  bower, garden, arched, ornamental, seat
A small ornamental building with seats, or an arched seat, in a pleasure ground; a garden bower.