Definitions for "cubicle"
A loding room; esp., a sleeping place partitioned off from a large dormitory.
small room is which a monk or nun lives
small individual study area in a library
Cubicle containing a rectifier/charger and an inverter. It is connected to one or several other identical cubicles and a bypass cubicle to make up a parallel UPS.
Cubicle containing a rectifier/charger, an inverter and a bypass. Connected to a battery, it operates alone, forming a single UPS. Compare with Cubicle (parallel UPS unit).
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a coffin with email
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Individual lying area within a covered shed for dairy cattle to rest
cubicle is an Enterprise Content Management application written in Java/J2EE using a backend server and a web application as default user interface.
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a padded cell without a door
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The individual space where the toilet is