Definitions for "Vicarious"
experienced at secondhand; "read about mountain climbing and felt vicarious excitement"
characteristic uh feelin's o' emoshuns felt o' shared imaginatively drough de feelin's o' emoshuns uh anoder sucka'.
characteristic of feelings or emotions felt or shared imaginatively frough the bleedin' feelings or emotions of anuvver person.
Of or pertaining to a vicar, substitute, or deputy; deputed; delegated; as, vicarious power or authority.
Acting or suffering for another; as, a vicarious agent or officer.
Performed ,experienced, or suffered in the place of another; substituted; as, a vicarious sacrifice; vicarious punishment; vicarious pleasure.
"Vicarious" is the 7-minute first single from American progressive rock band Tool's fourth full-length studio album, 10,000 Days. Debuting April 17, 2006 on commercial radio, the song entered the }}ard Modern Rock Tracks chart at #2. It received a nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance at the 49th annual Grammy
When a party is held responsible for the actions or conduct of another party based soley on the relationship of the two parties.
occurring in an abnormal part of the body instead of the usual site involved in that function; "vicarious menstruation"