Definitions for "Virtual Host"
Keywords:  frontage, ipp, host, respond, valueapps
Also called an IPP. In order to establish a full-time presence on the internet, one needs to have computers that are connected continuously to the Internet. Special hardware and software are needed as well as constant maintenance of a full-time high speed connection to the internet. A virtual host provides services to relieve its hosted customers from the burden of dedicating costly hardware/software and valuable human resources to its web presence effort. Because the electronic frontage (or website) actually resides on the IPP's computers, and not that of the entity, it's virtual. This is where the name "virtual host" comes from.
a configuration enabling a single host machine to resemble multiple host machines
a domain pointing to a subdirectory of your virtual server
Keywords:  alias, ftp, assigned, account, server
an alias for your account
An alias name assigned to an FTP server.
a low cost, secure, turnkey solution for publishing Web pages on the Internet
a unique container object, in that it can define an entirely separate Web space unrelated to the main Apache Web site or user sites