Definitions for "Visual Acuity"
the relative ability of the visual system to resolve detail, usually expressed as the reciprocal of the minimum angular separation, in minutes of arc, of two lines just resolvable as separate and that forms in the average human eye an angle of one minute of arc; often measured by a “Snellen test,” a test presenting letters of graduated sizes to determine the smallest size that can be read at a standard distance (a 20/20 letter located 20 feet away from an eye subtends an angle of 5 minutes of arc at the eye); “normal” acuity in the human eye is 20/20, although some eyes are capable of 20/15 or even 20/10 acuity
Assessment of the eye's ability to distinguish object details and shape, using the smallest identifiable object that can be seen at a specified distance (usually 20 feet).
the ability to see objects or persons clearly.
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the best site possible; otherwise know as 20/20
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a measurement of what a patient can read
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How well a person sees.