Definitions for "Macula"
A spot, as on the skin, or on the surface of the sun or of some other luminous orb; called also macule.
A rather large spot or blotch of color.
discolored spot or colored area; a small, thickened region on the wall of the utricle and saccule, that serves as a receptor for static equilibrium
a patch of skin that is discolored but not usually elevated; caused by various diseases
(Pl. maculae) A distinct patch on the colony surface, usually marking the site of an excurrent chimney, often formed by a cluster of polymorphs or new zooecial buds (Pitt & Taylor, 1991). See monticule. Maculae are the nonzooidal centres of monticules; some types of maculae are not excurrent centres (Anstey, 1987)
A patch of hair cells in the saccule and utricle. The patch is coated with a gelatinous layer that contains small granules called otoliths. This provides sensory input of inertio-gravitational orientation. Malleus, incus, stapes Hammer, anvil and stirrup bones of the ear.
"Macula" can also mean a "stain on the soul" in Catholicism; see mortal sin; "immaculate" meaning "without blemish". "Macula" is also a term used in planetary geology, see Macula (planetary geology), and aerial archaeology see Macula (archaeology).
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Macula is a collection of PostNuke Modules, Blocks, Themes, addons and hacks to add functionality to the PostNuke Content Management System. Its development is solely for use with PostNuke, and is not being designed to run specifically with any other CMS
within the organs of balance, area containing sensory cells which measure head position.
an area 3-4 disc diamerets in size centered at the posterior part of the retiana
An area within the organs of balance which contains cells to sense changes in head position, as in rotation.