Definitions for "Floaters"
Particles that float in the vitreous and cast shadows on the retina; seen as spots, cobwebs, spiders, etc. Occur normally in aging and with vitreous detachment, but also pathologically in retinal tears and inflammation.
muscae volitantes; bits of optical debris (such as dead cells or fibrils), usually in the vitreous humor, that may be perceived as spots before the eyes
Particles that float in the vitreous, which is jelly-like substance that fills center cavity of eye, and cast shadows on the retina. The particles appear to be strung together with a web-like thread. Some floaters are formed before birth while others occur normally with aging. The sudden appearance of many floaters can be an indication of a serious eye disorder and should be checked by an eye care professional. See Free Eye Tests.
fully formed or doubly-terminated crystals that are unattached to other crystals found in geode cavities & also in vugs such as "Herkimer Diamonds"
Newfoundland fishermen who prosecute the cod-fishery in schooners along the Labrador coast.
Pieces of opal or nobbies eroded from their original host rock and found in creeks, water courses and on low lying land below mesas (flat top hills) or escarpments.
secretive, giant "gas bag" creatures living in Jupiter's atmosphere. They are about as intelligent as whales and can communicate with one another through electronic impulses.
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As the name implies, the holder receives a floating interest rate, usually adjusted monthly and tied to an index. Principal paydown rules are generally drawn from the underlying instrument.
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CMO classes on which the coupon is periodically reset based on the level of some index of market interest rates plus a fixed spread. Caps and floors may define the highest and lowest levels at which the bonds can pay interest.
floating production units including floating platforms, and FPSO's.
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Throw ups done on subway car panels at window level.
It's a good idea to use floaters on maneuvers loads: those who will exit the aircraft ahead of the base-pin and enter the formation on the back side - try it, you'll like it.
Insurance policies designed to cover property that can be moved from one location to another for both transportation perils and perils affecting property at a fixed location.