Definitions for "SPECK"
Keywords:  prosciutto, bacon, pork, smoked, adige
German style bacon, usually air dried and smoked.
Cured and smoked pork flank.
this specialty of Alto -Adige is a type of smoked prosciutto.
A small discolored place in or on anything, or a small place of a color different from that of the main substance; a spot; a stain; a blemish; as, a speck on paper or loth; specks of decay in fruit.
A very small thing; a particle; a mite; as, specks of dust; he has not a speck of money.
A small etheostomoid fish (Ulocentra stigmæa) common in the Eastern United States.
The prototype of punctuation. It is observed by Garvinus that the systems of punctuation in use by the various literary nations depended originally upon the social habits and general diet of the flies infesting the several countries. These creatures, which have always been distinguished for a neighborly and companionable familiarity with authors, liberally or niggardly embellish the manuscripts in process of growth under the pen, according to their bodily habit, bringing out the sense of the work by a species of interpretation superior to, and independent of, the writer's powers. The "old masters" of literature -- that is to say, the early writers whose work is so esteemed by later scribes and critics in the same language -- never punctuated at all, but worked right along free-handed, without that abruption of the thought which comes from the use of points. (We observe the same thing in children to-day, whose usage in this particular is a striking and beautiful instance of the law that the infancy of individuals reproduces the methods and stages of development characterizing the infancy of races.) In the work of these primitive scribes all the punctuation is found, by the modern investigator with his optical instruments and chemical tests, to have been inserted by the writers' ingenious and serviceable collaborator, the common house-fly -- _Musca maledicta_. In transcribing these ancient
(nontechnical usage) a tiny piece of anything
The blubber of whales or other marine mammals; also, the fat of the hippopotamus.
a slight but appreciable addition; "this dish could use a touch of garlic"
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Spec is a brand of swimming pool pumps and other pool equipment.
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produce specks in or on; "speck the cloth"