Definitions for "Blind spot"
small area in the visual field corresponding to the retina's optic disk or optic nerve head (where the optic nerve emerges), where no photoreceptors are present and where there is no sensitivity to light; not noticed with both eyes open because the part of the visual field containing the blind spot of one eye is overlapped by a light-sensitive area in the other eye
Sightless area within the visual field of a normal eye. Caused by absence of light-sensitive photoreceptors where the optic nerve enters the eye.
An area from which radio transmissions and/or radar echoes cannot be received. The term is also used to describe portions of the airport not visible from the control tower. (FAA4)
an area where you do not appreciate your weakness in a crucial leadership or management quality
a problem or weakness which the character does not recognize, has trouble keeping track of or remembering at important moments, or simply can't get past
a weakness or shortcoming that may be seen by others, but remains hidden to us
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Other expression for: blind zone