Definitions for "Walk-through"
Keywords:  inspect, newly, warranty, final, prior
Either The examination of the quality of an operation al procedure or test by simulating the actual execution but bypassing high risk or expensive operation s. It ensures that personnel and equipment are ready to carry out the real thing, or A peer group mentally step ping through software design and logic flow with test case s to identify errors. [D04299] CSM
A buyer's final inspection of the property to ensure that the conditions agreed-upon in the offer to purchase and contract agreement have been satisfied.
(1) Review of meeting details. (2) Site inspection. (3) Inspection of function room prior to function. (4) Inspection of trade show floor prior to opening.
the first rehearsal on the set, to figure out lighting, sound, camera positioning, etc.
a first perfunctory rehearsal of a theatrical production in which actors read their lines from the script and move as directed
See Camera Rehearsal
a thorough explanation (usually accompanied by a demonstration) of each step in a procedure or process; "she gave me a walk-through of my new duties"
an important step in a real estate transaction
Step-by-Step instructions for a game.
a pedestrian passageway through the ground floor of a building
the act of walking in order to view something; "the realtor took her on a walk-through of the apartment"
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an animation of a 3D scene made as if from a human eye-level