Definitions for "Webzap "
Keywords:  ejbs, framework, wings, tier, compliant
Webzap is an framework for the development of Web applications or views of multiple tier client server systems using the WingS API. Webzap can be used as a 'glue' language for EJB development. For instance, if you have a couple of session EJBs, these could be easily combined using Webzap. In Webzap, your application is defined in an XML file with the .webzap extension.
Webzap is an container for all kinds of software components. If you use i.e. web components written in the WingS framework, you can use Webzap as a powerful framework for web portal development. Therefore an J2EE compliant application server is needed.
Web-based interface created by Colorado State University Library that allows ILL users to submit ILL requests.