Definitions for "Word count"
The number of words on a particular web page.
Most word processors can give a count of words in a document. Some text editors, such as NoteTab, will also give a frequency of use for each word. Sometimes it might be worth making the initial draft of a document in a program that has this function. Then, with the text edited and finalised, the document could be opened in a word processor and formatted in the usual way. See fields.
The estimated number of words in a manuscript. With modern word-processing programs, calculating the word count is an easy task. If you're still using a typewriter, you can: 1) count every single word in the document; 2) get a rough estimate by multiplying 250 (the average number of words on a typewritten page) by the number of pages in the document; or 3) count the number of words in ten full lines, divide the total by ten, and multiply the result by the number of lines in your document. In any case, round to the nearest 100.