Definitions for "Concordance"
An alphabetical verbal index showing the places in the text of a book where each principal word may be found, with its immediate context in each place.
A topical index or orderly analysis of the contents of a book.
A list of words, normally in alphabetical order, where each occurrence of each word is shown with surrounding context and identified by a reference indicating where it occurs in the text.
Agreement in types of data that occur in natural pairs - in autism a pair of identical twins is "concordant" if BOTH are affected or unaffected. It is "discordant" if one of them only is affected.
As applied in behaviour genetics, the similarity in psychiatric diagnosis or in other traits within a pair of twins.
Presence of the same characteristic in both members of a pair of twins (or set of individuals). The opposite to discordant.
an excellent reference manual cataloging the first four volumes of Stephen King's magnificent Dark Tower series
a harmonious state of things in general and of their properties (as of colors and sounds); congruity of parts with one another and with the whole
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a meeting of elements in the Heavens which creates a huge Star of David formation--basically, we have a six pointed star
One of the driving forces behind the universe. Concordance (or Law) gives definition and order, but it cannot create new things. See Chaos.
Agreement; accordance.
Concord; agreement.
the agreement in findings that support the accuracy of a particular investigation or treatment; concordance is a critical concept in studies to diagnose, stage and treat PC
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a database which gives geographical locations where certain mutations have been found
a set of definitions used to cross-classify products
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