Definitions for "Yagi"
a sharply directional antenna
a dipole but with collectors in front and a reflector on the end to send the signal into the antenna (small dipole), similar to a satellite dish but without the extra metal in front
a directional antenna, looking something a TV aerial, that can be used for radio location purposes
Yagi, the Lone Goat Assassin is a character in the comic book Usagi Yojimbo; he is an anthropomorphic Goat, and is a highly skilled assassin. His most recognizable trait, is that he carries his son, Gorogoro with him in a baby carriage. He was once an honorable samurai, and despite his dark path, Yagi still considers himself an honorable warrior, and will not accept jobs that target innocent or honest people.
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Kashihara, located in Nara, Japan.