Definitions for "DBI "
The DBI module enables your Perl applications to access multiple database types transparently. You can connect to MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, ODBC, and other database systems without having to know the different underlying interfaces of each. The API defined by DBI will work on all these database types and many more.
The relative gain of an antenna with respect to an equivalent isotropic antenna, expressed on the decibel logarithmic scale.
The number of decibels of gain of an antenna referenced to the zero decibel gain of a free-space isotropic radiator or antenna. The important thing to remember is this ... every 3 dBi is a gain of about two times the previous power level or signal strength. So .... when they say an antenna has a gain of X ... it means ... 3 dBi is a gain of about 2 times over the base signal strength (2 raised to the 1st power). 6 dBi is a gain of about 4 times the signal strength over no antenna at all. (2 raised to the 2nd power). 15 dBi is ... first, 15/3 or 5, then 2 raised to that power ... or about 32 times the signal strength of no antenna at all... and that's a lot
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Defined Binding Index. Part of the Common Cents System. Provides a quick reference to the Effective Rod Number and Action Angle (ERN/AA).
An interface written in Python that allows submitting jobs to several cluster managing systems
Digital Bus Interface
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