Definitions for "Yohimbe Bark"
A hormone stimulant, particularly effective in the production of testosterone. Primary Uses: as an aphrodisiac affecting both the male impotence and female frigidity. Secondary Uses: in bodybuilding and athletic formulas where more testosterone production is desired.
A chemical substance derived from the Yohimbe said to boost natural testosterone levels in the body.
Effective in elevating mood and reducing depression and anxiety. Stimulates sexual desire and performance. Studies have also recently found evidence that Yohimbe may aid in weight loss by suppressing the body's ability to store fat. Side effects, can include sweating, nausea and vomiting. Patients taking MAO inhibitors such as antidepressants , tranquilizers, or blood pressure medications should not take Yohimbe or any compounds containing yohimbine. Use of Yohimbe is also contraindicated for pregnant women as well as persons with diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, or ulcers. Persons with a history of psychoses should also avoid Yohimbe as it has been known to trigger new episodes of psychic reaction