Definitions for "Erectile dysfunction"
Inability of a man to achieve or maintain a sufficiently erect penis for satisfactory sexual performance. (477)
Erectile dysfunction is male impotence resulting from an inability to have or maintain an erection sufficient for penetration during sexual intercourse.
the inability to maintain an erection for sexual intercourse
Recommendation Arginine"...Arginine is not recommended if you have diabetes, arthritis, cancer, shingles, herpes I (fever blisters, cold sores) or herpes II..."
Recommendation Marapuama (Ptychopetalum olacoides)"Marapuama, also called potency wood, has a history of use for reviving libido, potency, and tonifying the nervous system..."
The Condition"...Physical factors include ... Neurogenic disorders - multiple sclerosis, spinal cord lesions, pituitary microadenoma with hyperprolactinemia, and cardiovascular accident; drugs such as hypertensives, sedatives, Proscar (finasteride), tranquilizers, and amphetamines..." Relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack"...According to Jacobsen, "We can't say that it is cause-and-effect, but erectile dysfunction is a marker for future events of cardiovascular disease..."
The Condition"...In 85% of cases affecting men aged 50 and older, organic factors such as vascular disease and atherosclerosis of the penile artery are the cause..."
The Condition"...Physical factors include ... Local disorders - prostate enlargement (BPH), congenital abnormalities and inflammatory diseases of the genitalia, prostatitis; vascular disturbances such as aortic aneurysm and atherosclerosis (for example Leriche's syndrome)..."
The Condition"...factors include ... Systemic diseases (diabetes mellitus, syphilis, alcoholism - abstain for 30 days to see if there is improvement, drug dependency, hypopituitarism, and hypothyroidism, and adrenal insufficiency)..."
The Condition"...Contributing causes include a lack of exercise, smoking, excess alcohol consumption, obesity and increased total cholesterol or reduced HDL levels..."
The Condition"...The cause of ED can be primarily organic, psychogenic in nature, or a mixture of the two..."
The Condition"...Especially important is the neurotransmitter acetylcholine..."
Occurs when damaged nerves or blood vessels impede blood flow and prevent an erection from developing.
Relationship to Prostate Cancer cancerous prostate gland may interfere with blood flow and nerve impulses to the penis..."
a common medical condition that affects the sexual life of millions of men worldwide Price
The Condition"...Men get erections when sexual thoughts, originating in the brain, initiate a flow of nerve signals, some of which are parasympathetic, down the spinal cord to the arteries and smooth muscle in the penis..."
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