Definitions for "Abbe Error"
Additional linear off-axis error introduced through amplification of tilt and wobble with a long moment arm. This type of error occurs when the point under measurement is a relatively long distance from the axis of motion. For example, XYZ stages incorporating an angle bracket between the moving elements will exhibit measurable Abbe error since the Z stage is significantly displaced above the X and Y axes. It appears as runout, but unlike true runout, Abbe error can be minimized by reducing the lever arm.
A positioning or measurement error caused by parasitic rotations when a misalignment exists between the measurement axis and the point of interest. By reducing either parasitic rotations or the offset of misalignment, or both, the abbe error can be minimized. The abbe error can be estimated as: δ = ι * α where is positioning error, is the offset of misalignment between the measurement axis and the point of interest, and is the angle of parasitic rotation.
Motion errors caused by angular moments between the measuring feedback element and the point of interest.