Definitions for "Runout"
The linear (versus angular) portion of off-axis error. It is the deviation between ideal straight line motion and actual measured motion in a translation stage. Runout has two orthogonal components, straightness, a measure of in-plane deviation, and flatness, the out-of-plane deviation.
the distance between two points of protection
The distance between the leader and the last runner.
(1)The amount of wobble in a router bit, or how much the bit moves from left to right during use. (2)The splintering and jagged edges left by lesser quality router bits.
The amount of side-to-side movement or wobble present in a rotating component, such as a wheel or a disc brake rotor, commonly measured with a dial indicator.
The amount of wobble in a saw blade, or how much the blade moves from left to right during use. Also called wobble or warp. General's saw blades have very little or no runout.
Radial variation of a non-data physical dimension (also see Eccentricity.) : One second of time.
As applied to screw threads, unless otherwise specified, runout refers to circular runout of major and minor cylinders with respect to the pitch cylinder. Circular runout, in accordance with ANSI Y14.5M, controls cumulative variations of circularity and coaxiality. Runout includes variations due to eccentricity and out-of-roundness. The amount of runout is usually expressed in terms of full indicator movement (FIM).
The sum, cumulative-pitch error when measured across a number of functional geometric patterns on a photomask.
more info The zone where an avalanche looses speed and deposits debris at the bottom.
the bottom boundary of an avalanche path, often identifiable by forest damage or avalanche deposition.
bid made to escape from an undesirable contract, especially from a doubled contract.
A casting defect caused by incomplete filling of the mold due to molten metal draining or leaking out of some part of the mold cavity during pouring; escape of molten metal from a furnace, mold or melting crucible.
The degree to which a wheel is out of round as measured with a dial indicator placed on the OD.
The measure of the out of roundness of the tire causing a vibration which cannot be balanced.
The measurement of the "out of roundness" of a tire that causes vibration and cannot be balanced.
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To go on an errand, as in "Runout and get some more beer, would you?"
the orientation of wood cells being other than parallel to the edge (face) of the board; often difficult or impossible to detect visually, severe runout can be detrimental to strength and sound transmission (also known as "slope").
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See Axial Runout.
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The areas at either end of an lane where a horse and rider start and end their pass.
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a test which is interrupted before
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A long, flat run back to the lift.