Definitions for "strike"
A work stoppage undertaken in support of a bargaining position or in protest...
To make and ratify; as, to strike a bargain.
To quit work in order to compel an increase, or prevent a reduction, of wages.
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To touch or hit with some force, either with the hand or with an instrument; to smite; to give a blow to, either with the hand or with any instrument or missile.
To come in collision with; to strike against; as, a bullet struck him; the wave struck the boat amidships; the ship struck a reef.
To give, as a blow; to impel, as with a blow; to give a force to; to dash; to cast.
The horizontal direction of the outcropping edges of tilted rocks; or, the direction of a horizontal line supposed to be drawn on the surface of a tilted stratum. It is at right angles to the dip.
A tunnel bored horizontally into the slate vein
The angle between true north and the horizontal line contained in any planar feature (inclined bed, dike, fault plane, and so forth); also the geographic direction of this horizontal line.
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To stamp or impress with a stroke; to coin; as, to strike coin from metal: to strike dollars at the mint.
To make a sudden impression upon, as by a blow; to affect sensibly with some strong emotion; as, to strike the mind, with surprise; to strike one with wonder, alarm, dread, or horror.
To affect in some particular manner by a sudden impression or impulse; as, the plan proposed strikes me favorably; to strike one dead or blind.
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The protective metal plate installed in doorjamb that receives the latch or lock "tongue" when door is closed. A latch strike is typically T-shaped with a single hole, and a mortise lock strike is typically elongated with two holes (for latch and bolt).
n. a bolt receptacle typically mounted in the door jamb or the floor
A plate mortised into or mounted on the door jamb to accept and restrain a bolt when the door is closed. In some metal installations of a deadlock, the strike may simply be an opening cut into the jamb. (Synonym: keeper.)
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The act of leveling all the pins with the first bowl; also, the score thus made. Sometimes called double spare. Throwing a strike entitles the player to add to the score for that frame the total number of pins knocked down in the next two bowls.
Same as Ten-strike.
Knocking down all ten pins on the first ball in a frame.
To take forcibly or fraudulently; as, to strike money.
dismantling of the set, lights, and other equipment, cleaning up the theater, and storage of company property following the final performance, to make way for the next show. See load-in.
To take down a setting; to take down properties or lanterns.
In theatre doesn’t mean the actors or crew are walking out. It refers to the act of disassembling the stet when a productions closes.
The process by which the scenery and lighting equipment for a show is permanently disassembled when the tour or production closes.
A bushel; four pecks.
An old measure of four bushels.
a traditional British unit of volume, varying considerably but usually more than a bushel. A convenient equivalent is 2 imperial bushels (roughly 2.5 cubic feet or 73 liters).
To level, as a measure of grain, salt, or the like, by scraping off with a straight instrument what is above the level of the top.
An instrument with a straight edge for leveling a measure of grain, salt, and the like, scraping off what is above the level of the top; a strickle.
smooth with a strickle; "strickle the grain in the measure"
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This is the addition of hot water to the crushed malt in order to raise the temperature before mashing begins.
The method by which minions damage each other in combat. Minions can strike using hands, effects from combat cards, or weapons.
a last resort to obtain the administration's recognition and assurance
an unarmed attack with hand, arm or elbow in order to cause harm to an opponent
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To lower; to let or take down; to remove; as, to strike sail; to strike a flag or an ensign, as in token of surrender; to strike a yard or a topmast in a gale; to strike a tent; to strike the centering of an arch.
To lower a flag, or colors, in token of respect, or to signify a surrender of a ship to an enemy.
To surrender. To lower the colors.
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A puddler's stirrer.
Index Definition: Strike Through Description: Text displayed as strikethrough. Deprecated in favour of style sheets.
Deprecated. Defines strikethrough text 3.0 3.0 TF
To cut off, as a mortar joint, even with the face of the wall, or inward at a slight angle.
The process of finishing a mortar joint. See also Joint strike. Home Improvement Encyclopedia
To finish a mortar joint with a stroke of the trowel or special tool, simultaneously removing extruded mortar and smoothing the surface of the mortar remaining in the joint.
an embryo social revolution
an incipient revolution
Highlighting in the record of a case, evidence that has been improperly offered and will not be relied upon.
To remove improperly offered evidence from the court record.
To cause to sound by one or more beats; to indicate or notify by audible strokes; as, the clock strikes twelve; the drums strike up a march.
To cause or produce by a stroke, or suddenly, as by a stroke; as, to strike a light.
To stroke or pass lightly; to wave.
Myiasis, particularly blowfly larval infestation of sheep
The extortion of money, or the attempt to extort money, by threat of injury; blackmailing.
a bowl delivered at such a speed as to attempt to negate the bias
the lineament of a geologic structure measure at 90° to its steepest attitude. or tonne(s) - a metric tonne.
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To tighten the line to set the hook when a fish bites, usually by raising the rod tip or lifting the rod.
the action of a fish in trying to eat a fly. This term also refers to the movement of the rod a fly angler makes to set the hook.
An option=s price at which the underlying futures contract can be bought (call option) or sold (put option). An example would be a Nov 8.00 Soybean Call, could be exercised to establish a long Nov Soybean position at the $8.00 price level. See also "Call Option," "Put Option" and "Underlying Futures Contract."
the price at which the option holder has the right to buy or sell the underlying currency or currency futures contract
The predetermined rate at the inception of the option contract which the Call owner buys the currency or the Put owner sells the currency.
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an attack that is intended to seize or inflict damage on or destroy an objective; "the strike was scheduled to begin at dawn"
a mini war, it is fighting, each side escalates and increases the pain it inflicts on the other
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a long way off," Holdsworth said, "but the PFA have had an agreement on their share of TV money for numerous years and now they are being told their share will be less
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Strike, General (Welga ng Bayan) Strike Notice
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When gold is found in quantity, it is called a “strike”.
A newly-found concentration of gold (or silver) rich enough to be mined profitably.
This usually denoted the discovery of gold or silver. Once a ',strike", or discovery had been made, hundreds, or even thousands, would swarm into the area.
The metal attachment that is mounted onto the doorframe.
1. The part of the trace in a compulsory figure where the skater steps onto an edge. 2. The action of stepping onto an edge in a compulsory figure.
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An (Upper Extremities) Nia Move in which you strike out with the heel of your hand, as if forcefully pushing someone out of the way.
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a fact, a reality, a new form of life for social relations, a "Mont Blanc of factual material"
an objective form of social life that necessary reflects itself in the individual's subjective life
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Fullness of measure; hence, excellence of quality.
A sudden finding of rich ore in mining; hence, any sudden success or good fortune, esp. financial.
To touch; to act by appulse.
The act of striking.
an act of a small group of individuals, tending to the obtaining by them of advantages at the expense of all their fellow-citizens
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the action of a hooker pulling the ball back with the feet during the scrum.
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To tap or press the keys of a keyboard with a finger or thumb. (Kybdy, Gr. 1)
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To become attached to something; -- said of the spat of oysters.
a defensive action forced on the mechanics and cleaners
a means of FORCE and in the past, has led to many innocent people getting injured and in some cases even killed
For any particular location, a hurricane strike occurs if that location passes within the hurricane's strike circle, a circle of 125 n mi diameter, centered 12.5 n mi to the right of the hurricane center (looking in the direction of motion). This circle is meant to depict the typical extent of hurricane force winds, which are approximately 75 n mi to the right of the center and 50 n mi to the left.
Keywords:  reheated, kiln, glass, flame, heat
The change in the color of the surface after the glass piece is reheated with intense heat on that surface.
When glass changes color during a heating cycle due to the oxidation atmosphere of the kiln.
Glass that changes color when it is introduced to the flame.
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To lade into a cooler, as a liquor.
a school of class warfare and elevates the economic struggle to a political level
To cause to ignite; as, to strike a match.
To advance; to cause to go forward; -- used only in past participle.
Keywords:  rebellion, owners, property
a rebellion against the owners of property
a prior conviction of a serious or violent felony
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The course or bearing of a vein or a layer of rock.
an opportunity to explore the crisis management as well as the emergency management capability of the participants but bear in mind that this type of scenario could raise some sensitive issues
To delete or remove, as in to strike (a case) from the court's calendar.
(1 - General) Remove an item from the stage. (2 - General) See get out.
remove by erasing or crossing out; "Please strike this remark from the record"
1.) the postal marking made on a cover by a cancellation or postmarking device, sometimes described with words like, "clear" or "illegible". 2.) the action of making a mark on a cover, usually with a hand-held device.
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To steal money.
a warning that you have exceeded the bounds of what the snake will tolerate
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For options, the strike is the value of the index at which the payout changes from zero to a non-zero value. For swaps, it is the value of the index at which the payout changes from being in favor of short to being in favor of long.
The strike is the level of the index above or below which the writer of the option starts to pay the holder.
a project event that falls in the above criteria, not each individual oversight or detail in error
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An iron pale or standard in a gate or fence.
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Yes v3 up IE3+ strike-through text
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a vision of what the Navy will become as well as the focus of its capability today
Keywords:  dart, quick, penetrate, strong, pass
To pass with a quick or strong effect; to dart; to penetrate.
Keywords:  barks, dog, smells, track, opens
When the dog barks or opens when it smells a track.
Keywords:  thrust, deep, roots, tree, penetrate
To thrust in; to cause to enter or penetrate; to set in the earth; as, a tree strikes its roots deep.
Keywords:  electrodes, arc, lamp, cause, form
cause to form between electrodes of an arc lamp; "strike an arc"
Keywords:  good, thing, example
a good example
a good thing
Keywords:  distinct, possibility
a distinct possibility
Keywords:  session, clean, equipment
To put away equipment and clean-up after a session.
a real prospect if that agreement is approved," he said
Withdrawal of important services by one party against another in order to advance one’s own objectives.
Keywords:  proceed, course, advance, fields, move
To move; to advance; to proceed; to take a course; as, to strike into the fields.
Keywords:  root, starts, cutting, forming
when root forming starts on a cutting.
Keywords:  pre, index, contract, determined, pays
a pre-determined index level at which a contract pays out
Keywords:  bit, involved
a bit more involved
Keywords:  definite, point
a definite possible at this point