Definitions for "Horizontal"
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Parallel to the horizon; on a level; as, a horizontalline or surface.
Measured or contained in a plane of the horizon; as, horizontal distance.
Parallel to the horizon, flat and level.
Pertaining to, or near, the horizon.
Pertaining to the winch or windlass. Drive shaft, capstan and gypsy are positioned horizontally to the deck.
The opposite of vertical. A vertical line goes up and down, a horizontal line goes across.
A type of full length matchcovers in which the matchcover is held sideways in order to view the design or read the advertisement or message. (See Vertical, Full Length).
Astrological house system based on division of the horizon from the east point by vertical circles.
Something that is lying flat, like the horizon.
something that is oriented horizontally
resolution In video, one of the more common specifications listed by manufacturers. It is the ability of a component (television, VCR, disc player) to resolve detail sideways across a television screen. Many NTSC television monitors have horizontal-resolution capabilities well beyond any source material they might have to reproduce, making the one-upmanship battle of resolution specifications more of an advertiser's tool than something significant. This measurement can be calculated either from a component's video frequency response or by means of a resolution chart on a monitor.
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Horizontal is the Bee Gees' second album, released in 1968. It included the international hit singles "Massachusetts" and "World".
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horizontal asymptote | horizontal line test
A line with zero slope.
The line that is like the horizon we see when the sun is rising in the morning or going down at night. We are measuring the horizontal line of our eggs when we measure around its middle.
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side to side, left to right, as in "the sun sets below the horizon."
The direction of a graph. Horizontal measure is distance, and goes from left to right. (Mnemonic: Horizontal comes from horizon)
Reference to the angle of the slats in a blind. Horizontal blinds are aligned with the slats laying on top of each other and stacking accordingly.
Ball position in which the ball lies horizontally with its long, flatter side facing out towards the target.
That portion of the system cabling that is attached to, or "fed" from a common distribution point.