Definitions for "attitude"
The posture, action, or disposition of a figure or a statue.
The posture or position of a person or an animal, or the manner in which the parts of his body are disposed; position assumed or studied to serve a purpose; as, a threatening attitude; an attitude of entreaty.
Fig.: Position as indicating action, feeling, or mood; as, in times of trouble let a nation preserve a firm attitude; one's mental attitude in respect to religion.
The orientation of a spacecraft in relation to its direction of motion
The angular orientation of a remote sensing system with respect to a geographical reference system.
The angular orientation of a spacecraft as determined by the relationship between its axes and some reference line or plane or some fixed system of axes. Usually, Y is used for the axis that defines the direction of flight, x for the crosstrack axis, perpendicular to the direction of flight, and z for the vertical axis. Roll is the deviation from the vertical (the angle between the z-axis of the vehicle and the vertical axis, or angular rotation around the y-axis). Pitch is the angular rotation around the x-axis. Yaw is rotation around the z-axis.
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A position of the body, related to the arabesque, where the extended leg is bent at the knee.
position or arrangement of the body and its limbs; "he assumed an attitude of surrender"
(ah tea tude) - A variation on the arabesque. The extended leg is raised behind the body but bent at the knee at an angle of 90 degrees. In photo, Hye-Young Kim & Tara Lee Photo by Charlie McCullers ©The George Balanchine Trust
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a theatrical pose created for effect; "the actor struck just the right attitude"
I was struck by his sincere attitude toward his job.
EI was struck by his sincere attitude toward his job.EOur language and attitude influence each other.
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Attitude is the last single by Suede, released on October 6, 2003 on Columbia Records. The single was a fitting end for the band, as it was a great comeback following the disappointing singles from A New Morning.
Attitide is the 13th studio album by the Canadian rock band April Wine, released in 1993.
Attitude is the debut album by the group Troop. The album was released on October 13, 1989 by the Atlantic / Wea label.
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Dhyan - Meditation Hindu Nectar of Devotion Rasa - Rasas Sri Diksha Salagram Upasanam XTC
an imbedded personal style of dealing with information or events
One of the overleaves. The attitude is a person's primary slant on life. The seven attitudes are stoic, spiritualist, skeptic, idealist, cynic, realist, and pragmatist.
an underlying motivating rule for why you do a certain action, or don't do it
the display of annoyance, hostility, contempt, courage, or an unbroken spirit toward the insecure, authoritarian prison staff and questioning their actions -- all severely disapproved of and punished. "Clinton, you got an attitude. You're gonna go in the fuckin' hole!"
A person's frame of mind, opinion, or temperament about an issue.
a firmly held point of view or way of regarding something.
our views, opinions and feelings about things
a psychological process treated as primarily manifested in its reference to the social world and taken first of all in connection with some social value
a psychological tendency that expresses like or dislike for an entity
A one-sided psychological perspective of life.
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Direction and degree of a dip of a structure such as a vein, lode or zone of mineralisation. May be expressed in terms of dip and strike.
The direction and degree of strike and dip of a vein or bed.
a real downer if one's favourite brands of adult education literature comes from the Land of the Free
an embarrassment to AU, a country made by immigrants
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whether a defender does or does not want a suit led, or does or does not want to show strength in it. [A defender's attitude toward a suit is usually described as "encouraging" or "discouraging."].
an excellent choice if you are experiencing these problems, if you want to prevent problems or if you are a trainer who is faced with other people's dog problems
British gay lifestyle magazine distributed worldwide. The first issue appeared in May 1994. The magazine's target audience is young, fashion conscious gay men.
a superbly presented, "user-friendly" collection of accessibly helpful, usefully practical, readily applicable information
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not the obvious meaning, but in the flying world 'attitude' refers to the angle of the plane in relation to the horizontal eg "My plane had a very nose-down attitude, from which it would not recover..." Well, in this case you could say that your plane has, or had, a 'bad attitude'
Attitude - GPS/INS integration with emphasis on remote sensing applications
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You'll need it. Lots of it.
a collection of habits of thought that are basically consistent