Definitions for "Predisposition"
The act of predisposing, or the state of being predisposed; previous inclination, tendency, or propensity; predilection; -- applied to the mind; as, a predisposition to anger.
Previous fitness or adaptation to any change, impression, or purpose; susceptibility; -- applied to material things; as, the predisposition of the body to disease.
An inclination or diathesis to respond in a certain way, either inborn or acquired; in abnormal psychology, a factor that lowers the ability to withstand stress and inclines the individual toward pathology.
a disposition in advance to react in a particular way
the natural tendency a person has, apart from (or before having) any experience, to be morally good or evil. (Cf. disposition.)
person's original disposition, before performing any moral acts. Our animal, rational, and personal natures all indicate that the human predisposition is good. Unfortunately, it is corrupted by radical evil in our first moral act. (Cf. propensity.)
pseudomigraine prodrome prosopagnosia prostaglandins naturally occurring pain-producing substances thought to be implicated in migraine attacks. Their release is triggered by the dilation of arteries. Prostaglandins are extremely potent chemicals involved in a diverse group of physiological processes. occipital lobe ophthalmoplegic migraine a form of migraine felt around the eye and associated with a droopy eyelid, double vision, and other sight problems. receptive aphasia Reversible Ischemic Neurological Deficit RIND see Reversible Ischemic Neurological Deficit scotoma serotonin a key neurotransmitter that acts as a powerful constrictor of arteries, reducing the blood supply to the brain and contributing to the pain of headache.
innate vulnerability to developing symptoms under conditions of stress.
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