Definitions for "sign "
An objective evidence of disease; that is, one appreciable by some one other than the patient.
Something that is able to be observed objectively by a clinician (e.g., restlessness).
Something that, by its nature or by convention, evokes in the mind the idea of another object, thing or action. An example is that of the musical notes, or the letters of text. Signs sometimes are part of a symbol. The study of signs is called Semiotics.
The twelfth part of the ecliptic or zodiac.
In the tropical zodiac, one of twelve 30 degree sections of the yearly apparent cycle of the Sun around the earth beginning with the Spring equinox defined as 0 degrees Aries.
an informal unit of angle measure originating in astrology. The Sun's annual path through the sky, called the Zodiac, is divided into 12 parts called signs, each sign corresponding roughly to one of the classic twelve constellations through which the Sun passes. Thus 1 sign is equal to 1/12 circle, or 30°.
A remarkable event, considered by the ancients as indicating the will of some deity; a prodigy; an omen.
An event considered by the Jews as indicating the divine will, or as manifesting an interposition of the divine power for some special end; a miracle; a wonder.
A word or a character regarded as the outward manifestation of thought; as, words are the sign of ideas.
A motion, an action, or a gesture by which a thought is expressed, or a command or a wish made known.
Hence, one of the gestures of pantomime, or of a language of a signs such as those used by the North American Indians, or those used by the deaf and dumb.
A motion or gesture by which a thought, wish or command is made known; a signal; a meaningful unit of language (e.g., a word); a mark with a conventional meaning used to replace or supplement words; something that indicates a fact, condition, etc. that is not immediately or outwardly observable; an action or gesture intended to convey information, a command, etc..
That which, being external, stands for, or signifies, something internal or spiritual; -- a term used in the Church of England in speaking of an ordinance considered with reference to that which it represents.
Something that designates something other than itself.
a fundamental linguistic unit linking a signifier to that which is signified; "The bond between the signifier and the signified is arbitrary"--de Saussure
A lettered board, or other conspicuous notice, placed upon or before a building, room, shop, or office to advertise the business there transacted, or the name of the person or firm carrying it on; a publicly displayed token or notice.
a public display of a (usually written) message; "he posted signs in all the shop windows"
structure displaying a board on which advertisements can be posted; "the highway was lined with signboards"
a body, whose interpretation is the soul
a Representamen of which some interpretant is a cognition of a mind
a Representamen with a mental Interpretant
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That by which anything is made known or represented; that which furnishes evidence; a mark; a token; an indication; a proof.
Something serving to indicate the existence, or preserve the memory, of a thing; a token; a memorial; a monument.
Any symbol or emblem which prefigures, typifles, or represents, an idea; a type; hence, sometimes, a picture.
approve and express assent, responsibility, or obligation; "All parties ratified the peace treaty"; "Have you signed your contract yet?"
In human rights the first step in ratification of a treaty; to sign a DECLARATION, CONVENTION, or one of the COVENANTS constitutes a promise to adhere to the principles in the document and to honor its spirit.
The first step in ratification of a treaty; to sign a treaty and thus to promise to adhere to the core principles in the document and to honor its spirit.
To affix a signature to; to ratify by hand or seal; to subscribe in one's own handwriting.
To authorize by affixing one's signature.
To create a digital signature for a message, or to affix a signature to a document, depending upon the context.
a sign or letter that has all its components contained within as single enclosure including ballasts or transformers and luminaries.
a sign or letter where the ballasts or transformers are installed remote from the luminaries.
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A character indicating the relation of quantities, or an operation performed upon them; as, the sign + (plus); the sign -- (minus); the sign of division /, and the like.
A visible indication of a medical condition, such as flushing, thickened skin or visible red blood vessels.
indication of disease from direct visibility of a pathogen or its parts.
Scottish Inter-Collegiate Guidance Network.
Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network.
a phenomenon of the external world
a phenomenon which must not be disregarded
a qualitatively different phenomenon from a fact
To assign or convey formally; -- used with away.
a tool that brings information from those who are not with you to speak to you
A rigid substrate processed and/or decorated to produce a durable item for conveying information in the form of text and graphics. The most common substrates are metals and plastics. Signs are typically used to communicate directions, instructions, warnings, and advertisements when the message must be viewed from a distance or while in motion. Although signs and nameplates are made from many of the same materials utilizing many of the same processes, signs are larger than nameplates relatively speaking, and are intended for viewing at a greater distance. Sign is commonly used as a generic term for Labels, Decals, Nameplates, Overlays, Legend Plates, and Tags, as well as Signs.
Data is signed using a persona from a wallet. The result may be formatted in a number of ways and may contain only the digital signature. The signed data may also contain the original data, possibly encrypted, along with information about the identity used for the signature.
a display of miraculous power that would validate the identity of the long-promised Messiah
a supernatural proof of identity
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be engaged by a written agreement; "He signed to play the casino on Dec. 18"; "The soprano signed to sing the new opera"
engage by written agreement; "They signed two new pitchers for the next season"
an association of a perceptual paradigm with another concept
an example of Thirdness and looks like what Hegel called a Concept, i
sign is a file signing and signature verification utility. It implements gzip-style command line syntax and OpenSSH-style key-based authentication. It is small, fast, and is meant to facilitate the use of authenticated file hashing for online distributed material.
To represent by a sign; to make known in a typical or emblematic manner, in distinction from speech; to signify.
an experienced event-sequence which evokes feelings of importance distinct from, and much more important than, those which are directly evoked by the event-sequence itself"
To make a sign or signal; to communicate directions or intelligence by signs.
learners who have a difficulty with speech or hearing will often use a recognised form of signing (such as Makaton, a recognised signing system for people with communication and learning difficulties), but may also have developed a more individualised signing system. It is good practice for teachers and trainers to communicate with all people who spend time with the learner to ensure a consistent approach to signs and signing.
Sign of addition (+) represents plus or magnifying lenses. Sign of subtraction (-) represents minus or minifying lenses. Go to Top | Close Window
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a relay, "Old Loyal", erasing Isa
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a great way to make your business grow
a nice gentle tune with great vocals and picking
a myth and that there was no job discrimination towards the Irish
a combination of a segmental structure and an articulatory bundle
A statistical procedure that ignores the values altogether and looks only at the signs of the differences. A good test when assumptions regarding the normality of the distribution are violated.
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a Cognizable that, on the one hand, is so determined (i
a part of heaven in which the influence and virtue of heaven first begins to be transmitted to the bodies below that move on their own, even as they are moved by this influence and virtue to do their natural work
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Sign and complex quadrant functions
any communication that encodes a message; "signals from the boat suddenly stopped"
a class because it can have many possible messages, just as a third grade class may have many combinations of different children in it
a medium with a message
a good reminder of where you visited Picture Include Online
a cultural artifact or event that points to a higher reality
a skin rash in Transmitted Manual may short-lived months
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a very unusual occurrence, rare enough to draw attention to itself
a psychological process through which a planet operates
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place signs, as along a road; "sign an intersection"; "This road has been signed"
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The pathogen or its parts or products seen on a host plant.
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a messenger that helps you get where you need to go
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Any character, as a flat, sharp, dot, etc.
A sign permit may be issued for less permanent signs while a Development Permit is required for signs that may have a greater and more permanent impact on the surrounding area.
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an image that you can use at the entry of your site
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an investment
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To apply a signature.
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a non-paper (usually non computer) measurement