Definitions for "minus"
Less; requiring to be subtracted; negative; as, a minus quantity.
A factor counted as a disadvantage; a loss or potential loss in a situation or plan; as, he added up all the pluses and minuses and decided not to do it; as, the lack of money is a big minus in an election campaign.
Subtract; decrease by; lessen by.
The number of pins under a 200 average. Also knows as under.
In competitive play, the amount of pins (including bonus, if any) that a player is scoring under a 200 average; a player that shoots 1534 for 8 games is "minus" 66. See also "plus", "over" and "under".
Minus (also known as M_nus) is a Canadian record label set up by DJ and producer Richie Hawtin in 1998. Whereas his prior label, Plus 8, was often characterised by hard-edged, intense dancefloor techno, Minus, as the name suggests, was geared more toward minimal, abstract electronica.
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Minus tick MIP
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(RA,SQL) Operation as defined in set theory, returning the difference of the tuples/rows of two relations/tables over the same scheme. setops.php
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Minus is a task management system written in Perl and Ruby. Task management, minus the headache.
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The difference between the Weight of the bat and the Length of the Bat. The higher the minus number, the lighter the bat. High School/College must be -3.