Definitions for "indicator"
Data which provide information about or predict the overall health of the economy...
A pressure gauge; a water gauge, as for a steam boiler; an apparatus or instrument for showing the working of a machine or moving part
The part of an instrument by which an effect is indicated, as an index or pointer.
That which indicates the condition of acidity, alkalinity, or the deficiency, excess, or sufficiency of a standard reagent, by causing an appearance, disappearance, or change of color, as in titration or volumetric analysis.
A substance used to indicate the end point of a titration by a change in color.
(1) A substance that gives visible change, usually of color, at a desired point in a chemical reaction. (2) A device that indicates the result of a measurement. (3) A reagent in a test kit.
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Floating object placed on the leader or end of the fly line. Used to "indicate" a bite or "indicate" the drift of the fly. It is used when nymphing and is very effective. Many elitist anglers look down on this method calling it "bobber fishing." We say hey, if you're catching fish on a fly rod more power to you! Be proud, and if it feels good, do it! ()
floating object placed on the leader or end of the fly line to "indicate" the take of the fly by a fish or to indicate the path of the drift of the fly; used when nymph fishing with a slack line; very effective. They are made of such things as floating putty, poly yarn, foam, etc.
a tool enabling people to take action on environmental issues
Signs or symptoms of changes, potentially due to numerous factors, in an environmental feature or features.
an environmental indicator is a species or group of species that responds predictably and sensitively, in ways that are readily observed and quantified, to an environmental disturbance. IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
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A part of each variable field that supplies information about the field for indexing, card production, and other system functions.
Element identifying the content of a field or special treatment of that field in the MARC record. Examples: 04 indicators in 245 field indicate that the title is the main entry and that the title begins with an article with four nonfiling characters (the article "The" and the space after it); 0 indicator in second positon of a 650 field indicates that the subject heading is LCSH.
The lowest level of data that is held and published by the SNS Team. An alternative term could be 'variable'. Indicators can be grouped together into Reports. Examples of Indicators include 'Hospital admissions with a diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease as a rate per 100000' and 'Number of crimes and offences recorded by the police'.
Indicators monitor key values within a Scenario. A simple example will help to clarifythis term: A community tracking the impacts of a new housing development on openspaces could define an Indicator to return the acreage of open space converted toother uses. It could then experiment with alternative development Scenarios and assessthe conversion of open space if each were built. In this way it could pinpoint thelayout that would preserve the most acreage of open spaces.As with Auto Data and Variables, users write formulas to establish Indicators. Theytie to other pieces of the Scenario, so that changes elsewhere will affect Indicatorvalues. Indicator charts provide an effective means of displaying Indicator values.Users can customize these bar charts to include target values for reference.
a chart, a chart that gets drawn because a certain data is introduced to a function, and the result of the function is what we see in the chart
a line, or series of lines, drawn on top of the data chart to help you interpret the underlying data and allow you to trade, or not
Information provided by the CallPath Enterprise subsystem to a program. fStart is an example of an indicator that has two states: TRUE FALSE
A list of two values which indicate a condition (eg on/off, true/false)
In metadata an indicator is a Boolean value that may contain only the values true or false. The definition of an Indicator must include the meaning of a true value and should also include the meaning if the value is false.
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An instrument which draws a diagram showing the varying pressure in the cylinder of an engine or pump at every point of the stroke. It consists of a small cylinder communicating with the engine cylinder and fitted with a piston which the varying pressure drives upward more or less against the resistance of a spring. A lever imparts motion to a pencil which traces the diagram on a card wrapped around a vertical drum which is turned back and forth by a string connected with the piston rod of the engine. See Indicator card (below).
a gadget consisting of strings, levers and pulleys
In Tivoli Distributed Monitoring, an icon on the Tivoli desktop that graphically displays the status of a monitor that has been associated with it. The icon resembles a thermometer, which the Tivoli administrator can read to determine the status of the monitor.
Any device used to indicate a condition--e.g., a thermometer, pressure gauge, etc.
One of two mathematical methods used to determine seedings after early rounds of competition. The first indicator is the ratio of victories to fights. The second indicator is the number of hits scored minus the number of hits received.
a mathematical calculation that can be applied to a security's price and/or volume fields
a mathematical calculation that can be applied to a security's pricing data, volume data, or a combination of both
Visual remains at a fire scene revealing the fire's progress and action.
a statement of the knowledge or skills which a student demonstrates in order to meet the benchmark
(See benchmark)
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Equipment in radar that provides a visual presentation of target position information.
All radar signals are displayed on the face of a CATHODE RAY TUBE. This face is a flat surface at the end of the tube and is called the INDICATOR, SCOPE, or SCREEN. The word INDICATOR also is used to refer to the whole cathode ray tube, as well as the component of a radar set that houses the cathode ray tube and contains associated circuits. For various types of display afforded by an indicator see A SCOPE, ASV SCOPE, B SCOPE, C SCOPE, H SCOPE, HR SCOPE, J SCOPE, PPI, EXPANDED SCOPE and MOVING SPOT INDICATOR.
A device that shows the state of the locking mechanism, locked or unlocked. Used for toilet cubicles, etc
n. a device which provides visual evidence that a deadbolt is extended or that a lock is in the shut out mode
a device which provides external evidence of sensed phenomena.
Reef or sandbank seawards of surf spot that shows when a set of waves is approaching
a device for showing the operating condition of some system
a factor that indicates or helps to define the condition of a larger system
As used in this manual, an event, entity, or condition that typically characterizes a prescribed environment or situation; indicators determine or aid in determining whether or not certain stated circumstances exist.
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a system tray application for Windows and Linux that monitors your JIRA account and alerts you when you have new issues to attend to
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A telltale connected with a hoisting machine, to show, at the surface, the position of the cage in the shaft of a mine, etc.
a function of the time series and some parameters that the analyst chooses
a parameter whose value "indicates" whether or not another parameter is null
a summary index of several related parameters
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Any bird of the genus Indicator and allied genera. See Honey guide, under Honey.
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Gives a snapshot of the market to indicate which way it is moving. In the cattle market there is an indicator for trade cattle, feeder cattle, export cattle, as well as cows.
A way of summarizing data in a friendlier way to help traders and investors make decisions.
a specific statement related to a standard that describes in specific detail what students should know and be able to do at a particular grade level
a piece of cardboard that we place over the hole so that when it is broken, scratched, or torn, we know there is an animal present
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In MSN Desktop Search, a word that represents either a type of file or type of file store. Indicators are used to refine search queries. In a search, file type indicators are placed after the kind: keyword. For example: kind:email. File store indicators are placed after the store: keyword. For example: store:outlook.
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a sign or index which expresses a level of achievement within each of the four rows (goal, purpose, outputs, and inputs) of the log frame matrix
a tool that helps you and your organization know how far your project is from achieving your goals and whether you are headed in the right direction
The bulleted items on the standards that identify the content needed to achieve the standard
A characteristic something has that lets you tell that thing apart from something else. For example, pregnancy is an indicator that a person is female, but having long hair is not.
An indicator is an essential characteristic of acceptable performance.
a component of a system whose characteristics (e
a group of candlesticks (as many as five or as few as one) that meet a set of predetermined criteria
A behavior determined by research to be effective or ineffective in a particular teaching situation.
A digit to complete a particular identification number or to add some sort of significance to a particular Element String
a special setting for Katakana characters used in Japanese programs
a neurological, physiological entity, which is present when there is a known distortion in the body
an estimate or evaluation of specified attributes derived from a model with respect to defined information needs
a set of system attributes that collectively provides a convenient way to evaluate the status of the overall system
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One who, or that which, shows or points out; as, a fare indicator in a street car.
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A contaminant that can be used as an indicator of other contaminants.
an instrument that shows the angle of attack of the aircraft
Information representative of a reality of the business and which ensures the visibility of it (costs, delivery times, quality, etc)
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An indicator, such as a pointer graphic, that points to the current item.
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a thing that indicates;93 signs or markers that define the status of a specific component or element.
a signal for attracting attention
turn signal
Information provided by the switch to a telephone. "Message waiting" is an example of an indicator.
the letters included in the encrypted/encoded message which indicate to the recipient the equipment setting
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A light in a display, often an LED. The state of the light indicates information about the device to which it is attached.
a tool that shows where something is, what direction it is leading to, and how far it is from that objective
industrial production inflation
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a carbon compound that can be represented by H In
an operational specification of how well an organization is performing relative to each concern
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An index of business activities.
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a way of describing the issues using numbers
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See Operations Security indicator.
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property indicator.