Definitions for "Reducing agent"
a substance that causes reduction of another substance in a chemical reaction, as by donating electrons or adding hydrogen atoms; as, lithium hydride is a powerful reducing agent.
the species in an oxidation-reduction reaction that is oxidized
In a reduction reaction, which always occurs simultaneously with an oxidation reaction, the reducing agent is the chemical or substance which combines with oxygen, or loses electrons to the reaction. See Oxidation.
chemical in a developing solution which converts exposed silver halides to black metallic silver.
The active ingredient in a developer.  It changes exposed silver halide crystals into dark metallic silver.  Also called the developing agent.
Either natural gas or coal can be used to remove the oxygen from iron ore in order to produce a scrap substitute. In gas-based processes, the iron ore is heated in a vessel as reformed natural gas passes through. In coal-based processes, iron ore is combined with gasified or ground coal and heated. The oxygen in the ore combines with carbon and hydrogen in the gas or coal, producing reduced, or metallic, iron.