Definitions for "Reactivity"
The ability of a substances to undergo change, usually by combining with another substance or by breaking down. Certain conditions, such as heat and light, may cause a substance to become more reactive. Highly reactive substances may explode.
Refers to those hazardous wastes that are normally unstable and readily undergo violent chemical change but do not explode.
A description of the tendency of a substance to undergo chemical reaction with the release of energy. SARA Title III: Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986, also known as the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act.
The knowledge that one is being observed alters the behavior being observed. go to glossary index
the reactions of people being studied to the presence of an observer, seen by some to be a source of bias, in that behaviour may become artificial as a result.
The phenomenon whereby behaviour is changed by the very fact that it is being observed.
a prime predictor of potential mutagenic carcinogenicity
Often used as a shorthand for “photochemical reactivity.” The “reactivity” of a compound is simply a measure of its potential to form groundlevel ozone under certain defined conditions. A reactivity scale can be used to compare the ozone-forming potential of different compounds.
During obervations, the act of influencing factors (deliberately or undeliberatley) so that the behavior recorded is not typical.
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reactivity occurs because the atoms with just one electron in their outer orbit are eager to give it up, those with one missing are eager to acquire one.
The departure of a reactor system from criticality; positive reactivity addition means a move towards power increase; negative a move towards power decrease.
an indicator of increased biologic activity
Ability of an antigen to react specifically with the antibody whose formation it induced.
The adjustment of the rate of drive signal delivery to the platform.
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a concept similar to metal activity
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responsive to stimulation