Definitions for "Activity"
A term associated with the resistance of a crystal unit. A crystal unit with low resistance is said to have good activity while a crystal unit with high resistance is said to have bad activity.
A measure of the number of disintegrations of a radioactive nuclide per unit of time; reported in units of curies or becquerels.
The number of atomic distintegrations occurring per second in a quantity of radioactive material (see Becquerel).
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an individual task needed for the completion of a project. It is the smallest, discreet block of time accounted for in the WBS.
The main business or undertaking engaged in by an individual, alone or with others. Activities include: work and work-related, school, shopping, personal business, preparing a meal, cleaning the home, athletics/ exercise, visiting, etc. Activities have the following associated attributes: type, duration, start time, end time, location, and mode of travel to get to the activity location (in the case of an activity that takes place at a location that is different from the previous activity). Participation in activities at different locations is the underlying reason for trip-making. Trip purpose is associated with the main activity type at the destination, for those activities requiring a trip.
In CPM terminology, a task or item of work that must be performed in order to complete a project.
An effective concentration adjusted to take into account the non-ideality of the solution.
Measure of the effective concentration of a chemical in the gas or liquid phase. The activity is usually less than the mass concentration, from which it differs due to the nonideal nature of gases and solutions. In the limit of very dilute mixtures, the activity is the same as the concentration for liquid solutions, or the partial pressure for gases. The activity coefficient, usually denoted by γ or , is the ratio of the activity to the actual physical concentration.
the effective amount of a free ion in solution. The amount and type of other ions in the solution influence the chemical effectiveness of an ion, so that varying the solution composition makes a fixed concentration of a given ion more or less "active". In dilute solutions, ionic activity and concentration are practically identical, but in solutions containing many ions, activity may differ from concentration. Ionic activity, not concentration, determines both the rate and the extent of chemical reactions.
The state or quality of being active; nimbleness; agility; vigorous action or operation; energy; active force; as, an increasing variety of human activities.
The discrete, specific actions or sets of actions that answer the question: "How will a project reach the objective?" Each activity should start with a verb – e.g., conduct four training courses.
A measure, course of action, or treatment to: directly or indirectly produce, enhance, or maintain forest and rangeland outputs; or achieve environmental quality objectives.
In adsorption chromatography, this is the relative strength of the surface of the packing. For silica gel, the more exposed the silanol groups, the more active the surface. Activity can be controlled by adding water or another polar modifier, which is hydrogen bonded to the active sites, thereby reducing the surface activity.
In ADSORPTION CHROMATOGRAPHY, the relative strength of the surface of the packing material. There are ways, which vary as to the nature of the packing material itself, to modify and control the activity of this surface.
a building block of a BPEL script
a posting for which a student has to post a reply before he can see the replies of the other students in the class
The BPEL language includes XML programming statements that enable developers to build robust processes. These statements are called activities and can be categorized as follows: Communication activities, such as receive, reply, and invoke, which enable clients and Web services to communicate by exchanging messages. Event-driven activities such as pick, onMessage, and onAlarm are also included in this category. Control activities, such as while, switch, sequence, flow, and wait, which control how the business process flow is executed. Fault activities, such as throw, terminate, catch, catchall, and compensate, which define how to handle faults that occur during processing.
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an imperative (i
an organic process that takes place in the body; "respiratory activity"
a component of a process
a discrete economic process within the firm, such as delivering finished
an event that causes the consumption of overhead resources in an organization
a past event done on your car such as car maintance
a PossibleIndividual that brings about change by causing the Event that marks the Beginning, or the Event that marks the Ending of a PossibleIndividual
any specific activity; "they avoided all recreational activity"
a sport only if you need a specific kind of footwear to do it right
Recreational or leisure in nature. Generally fun and less physically and psychologically challenging. Not usually inducing a consistent overload to the muscles or a training effect to the cardiovascular system, though do provide some forms of physical fitness benefits. Often sport oriented.
See learning event or activity.
a learning experience.
Tutorial, learning module, e-Learning, college course or other activity for which school district inservice points can be awarded. Activity is used interchangeably with course through the FLA standards documents. Close
A process using a particular defined technology combining input factors to generate a particular type of output. Thus the wheat enterprise on a particular farm may involve the two activities of wheat with fertilizer and wheat without fertilizer. Activities may be classified in various ways, e.g. by function such as productive, intermediate or marketing, or by type of product such as animal or crop.
A particular way of operating an enterprise, using a unique combination of inputs to produce a particular output. A more specific term than ' enterprise' eg autumn lambing prime lambs
a particular method of combining goods and service inputs, labour and capital to produce one or more goods and/or services (products)
an office or department to which specific expenses are to be allocated
A specific waste handling practice that is regulated by the CIWMB.
A core element of the nonprofit organization, for example, key programs, administration, and fundraising. See also allocation, common costs, specific activity costs.
a definite problem,'' he told Reuters by telephone from Kosovo
Energy, vigor, liveliness - referring especially to that of the hindlegs.
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AIDA model Attenuation
A term used to describer the quality of a chess position that describes mobility or freedom of movement for pieces. An active piece is more likely to have a positive influence in the outcome of a game than an inactive piece (a cramped, blocked, or undeveloped piece). Active pieces are one key quality in assessing a chess position. Category: Glossary 1 visitor(s) thought this was helpful. Do you
an opportunity for you to share your passion for healthy lifestyles with other people
a sign of a healthy market
a collection of events represented as Python method objects and arguments to those methods which are called on the owner SimObject or on other objects associated with the owner
a form of doing directed to an object, and activities are distinguished from each other according to their objects
An option of the CICS ASSIGN command, which returns the activity name of the current program if it is executing as a BTS activity.
an ongoing non-atomic (in other words, interruptible) execution within a state machine
An operation in an activity plan that is performed on a set of targets on a specific schedule and which can depend upon the execution of other activities. See also activity plan.
A four- to six-digit number denoting the fifth part of the FOAPAL string. This is an optional part of the string. It is used to classify expenditures such as Banner, which can span many funds, organizations, accounts, and program codes, so they can be "lumped together" for reporting purposes.
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Portion of the rest-activity cycle that is spent out of bed (i.e., from activity onset until bedrest onset).
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See ASAP activity or Customizing activity.
a collection of related information
a group of related cost items, such as a Wedding video with all the options available, a photo montage with the options available, creation of a Web site, etc
a goal directed system, where cognition, behavior and motivation are integrated and organized by a mechanism of self-regulation toward achieving a conscious goal
A brief intensive course for a small group with an emphasis on solving certain problems.
Refers to the ability of a drug to inhibit or control the growth of a pathogen. Activity may be determined in the laboratory and is different from efficacy, which is the ability of a treatment to alter the course of a clinical disease.
a matter of common usage if it is customarily carried on by the great mass of mankind or by many people in the community
EHe resumed political activity after an interval of two years.
A number assigned to a type of transaction grouped for business or logical reasons (e.g., Budget Office, Department of Psychology).
A collection of COM objects that has a single distributed logical thread of execution. Every COM object belongs to one activity.
(chemistry) the capacity of a substance to take part in a chemical reaction; "catalytic activity"
A practice or ensemble of practices that take place on a delineated area over a given period of time.
a result of the fragmented nature of the industry, owners desiring an exit strategy and the need to invest in new technologies
a serious part of our growth strategy
an operation that takes time to complete. Activities are associated with states and represent real-world accomplishments.
Identifies what needs to be done to achieve a stated mission or purpose, without addressing how it is to be accomplished.
the trait of being active; moving or acting rapidly and energetically; "the level of activity declines with age"
an important function of beta-C
a part of a function
A function of the chemical potential of a system.
a non-versionable resource that selects a set of version s that are on a single line of descent , where a line of descent is a sequence of version s connected by successor relationships
Refers to viewing, printing, sending, signing, or declining envelopes. All activity is recorded by the audit system, and is visible by selecting 'History' from the main console page.
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a list of stores to poll and files to be sent or received
a rich application shared between users within Messenger
an indication that the stage is being set for a real revolution in communications
a collection of one or more contexts that share concurrency characteristics
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a plain class that inherits from a parent class
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a hot issue in today's economy
A parameter reflecting the amount of clay particles in a soil.
STARS reporting group for specific financial transactions impacting defined users.
Any transaction that appears on your bill, including purchases, cash advances, finance charges, fees and payments.
a collection of policy changes typically made for a single purpose
a single stop within a change request
a very positive sign for the IT industry and technology stocks in particular
an operation initiated by a central site system
an operation which results in a change of state in the system
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a pattern of interactions with the world
This consists of the primary banking activity of an institution. For example, the primary activity of state member banks, non-member banks, and national banks (which are all commercial banks) is Commercial Banking.
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Approved containers
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a promising new direction for drug design
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The volume of a stock or exchange over a given period of time.
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(Domain: Customer Information)
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A structured use of limited time