Definitions for "Methodology"
a systematic approach designed to serve as a guideline for project work.
An overall structured approach for consistently accomplishing similar efforts.
"AVID Methodology" is not about changing curriculum, but is about allowing almost all students to have access to a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. The teaching methodologies which are most effective in this quest are writing, inquiry, and collaboration.
one or more phases of work to be executed in a prescribed manner. The methodology denotes a project's sequence of execution or network. All projects have a structure; some are based on key events to be completed and others are based on the structure of a product to be built. All projects have a beginning for planning, a middle for execution and an end for review. The beginning phase of most projects is performed through some form of feasibility study. The ending phase is usually an evaluation phase. Each phase, activity and operational step within a methodology must produce a reviewable deliverable to substantiate adherence to the methodology. (See Deliverable).
a description of the practices - the people on any given project choose to follow the practices or not
an algorithm that finds a feasible
a proven way of planning, meeting goals, and achieving results
a step-by-step process for accomplishing a mission-critical task like strategic planning, risk assessment, requirements negotiation
a system of "methods", a clearly defined way of accomplishing a plan or vision
a kind of "coaching" -- not a formula for producing a result, but a set of practices that can lead to appropriate questioning and to appropriate change
a one-one mapping between a set of methods and a set of applicable conditions
a set of criteria that you can apply to different sources or different theories that tells you what to accept and what to reject
The science of method or arrangement; a treatise on method.
a particular social science discourse (a way of acting, thinking, and speaking) that occupies a middle ground between discussions of method and discussions of issues in the philosophy of social science
The study of how we gain knowledge about the world.
the study of delivery and development methods.
a cross-sectional study and the results may be different at another time of the year, or even vary between years
a shareable context within which to start the dialogue
a lot more aggressive than this, but for those of you who didn't see them, I'm forwarding them on
Refers to the system used to calculate the expected family contribution (i.e., the Federal Need Analysis Methodology).
The overall strategy by which the survey is carried out, covering the techniques for sampling, interviewing and analysis.
A methodology is a process where the activities are primarily intellectual. Typically only the end goal of the process is manifested as a physical work product. In software the analysis and design activities are normally governed by a specific methodology.
The specific teaching method that will be used with a student with a disability. Some examples of common teaching methods are Direct Instruction, Whole Language Instruction, the Lovaas Method.
a cross-sectional design and the results are likely to change over time due to seasonality, the dynamics of urbanization and the evolution of malaria transmission
a collection of information that explains how to plan, mobilize and/or execute a certain type of work
an integral part of the military decision making process from the receipt of the mission through execution
a more general understanding of how things work, in contrast to a specific recipe or product
Effective and continuous music education for everyone throughout their schooling
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a means of making sure that people get consistent and reliable results
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a method that has been to college
a particular process, or method, by which the enterprise measures its performance
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Methodology is defined as