Definitions for "Process"
A top-level thread that G2 creates when the application does one of the following: invokes a method or procedure by using the start action; invokes a rule by using event detection or forward chaining; evaluates a formula; or evaluates an expression in some kind of display. Contrast with subthread.
A collection of resources that enable the execution of program instructions. These resources can include virtual memory, I/O descriptors, a runtime stack, signal handlers, user and group ids, and access control tokens. A more high-level view is that a process is a "heavyweight" unit of execution with its own address space. See unit of execution, thread.
When a program is started it becomes a process. You can run more than one copy of a program and you get more than one process. Processes are started from a shell (or another process) and can be killed using the kill or top shell commands.
The whole course of proceedings in a cause real or personal, civil or criminal, from the beginning to the end of the suit; strictly, the means used for bringing the defendant into court to answer to the action; -- a generic term for writs of the class called judicial.
A summons demanding the appearance of some person in court.
A course of proceedings in a lawsuit. Process also can mean a legal document that compels a defendant to answer a complaint filed or to accept a default judgment.
Set of linked activities that create a result; for example, hiring an employee or admitting a student.
Human activities used to create, invent, design, transform, produce, control, maintain and use products or systems. A systematic sequence of actions that combines resources to produce an output.
a series of actions taking place in an ordered sequence to produce a particular result
Any operation in a business.
A description of a system. None, one or many users may be involved. The focus is on how the system operates, not on what users do. See also procedure.
a complex operation involving a number of methods or techniques, such as the addition or subtraction process in sculpture, the etching or intaglio process i n printmaking, or the casting or constructing processes in making jewelry.
A series of actions, motions, or occurrences; progressive act or transaction; continuous operation; normal or actual course or procedure; regular proceeding; as, the process of vegetation or decomposition; a chemical process; processes of nature.
A series of linked steps necessary to accomplish work. A process turns inputs, such as information or raw materials, into outputs, like products, services, and reports.
The steps involved in accomplishing a task.
Any marked prominence or projecting part, especially of a bone; anapophysis.
Prominence or projection, as of bone, such as the spinous process, designed to produce desired changes in the original material or to achieve other results.
A general term describing any marked projection or prominence.
Latin = going forwards, used to indicate growing out, i.e., an outgrowth, usually of bone, e.g., the zygomatic process of the temporal.
a projection from a structure (something that sticks out)
Small bony projection.
a modification of CIP whereby carbon is added directly into the slurry during leaching as opposed to CIP where carbon is added after leaching is complete.
a process used to recover dissolved gold from a cyanide leach slurry. Coarse activated carbon particles are moved counter-current to the slurry, absorbing gold as they pass through the circuit. Loaded carbon is removed from the slurry by screening. Gold is recovered from the loaded carbon by stripping in a caustic cyanide solution followed by electrolysis.
A collection of activities that together produce a usable product or service by applying resources from one or more functional areas.
The primitive Biometric function of processing the captured data into a usable form that can be used for verifying, identifying or enrolling.
A function or activity identified in the logical architecture view of the National ITS Architecture that is required to support the ITS user service requirements. The logical architecture presents processes in a top-down fashion beginning with general processes (e.g., "Manage Traffic") that are then decomposed into more detailed processes (e.g., "Provide Traffic Surveillance", "Monitor HOV Lane Use"). General processes are defined in terms of more detailed processes using data flow diagrams. The most detailed processes (sometimes called primitives) are defined in Process Specifications (PSpecs). Select "Logical Architecture" from the main menu to see a complete list of processes including general processes that are defined with data flow diagrams and detailed processes that are defined with process specifications. View the Logical Architecture Processes Page.
Process, used as a verb, means to conduct any operation or combination of operations, whereby poultry is slaughtered, eviscerated, canned, salted, stuffed, cured, cooked, rendered, boned, cut up or otherwise manufactured or processed. The term "process" does not refer to freezing of poultry products, except when freezing is incidental to operations otherwise classed as "processing" under this paragraph.
In a cube, the series of operations that rebuilds the cube's structure, loads data into a multidimensional structure, calculates summaries, and saves the precalculated aggregations. As a verb, to populate a cube with data and aggregations. It is one of three processing options for a cube. In a dimension, the operation that loads data from a dimension table in a data warehouse into the levels defined for a dimension and rebuilds the structure of the dimension. It is one of two processing options for a dimension. In a data mining model, the operation that retrieves training data from a relational or OLAP data source into the structure defined for a data mining model, statistically analyzes it with a data mining algorithm, and saves the statistical data as data mining content. As a verb, to populate a data mining model with data mining content.
verb, "elaborare, trattare"
A set of behaviors.
an exact set of questions asked or directions given by an auditor to help a person locate areas of spiritual distress, find out things about himself and improve his condition.
a set of questions asked or commands given by an auditor to help a person find out things about himself or life and to improve his condition.
The act of proceeding; continued forward movement; procedure; progress; advance.
profile progress propsheet psapi
In a court proceeding before or during the progress of the trial, an instrument issued by the court in the name of the state and under the seal of the court, directing an officer of the court to do, act, or cause some act to be done incidental to the trial.
The different stages that a learner goes through. A process approach to learning gives more attention to helping the student through these stages than to the actual final result (the product) of the learning, in the belief that the skills involved in the process of learning are more important than memorising facts etc.
A Course in Miracles emphasizes that within the dream of separation forgiveness occurs over time, and is therefore a process of growth; our fear of God's Love is so great that we cling to our specialness as protection, and thus we must learn gently and patiently that the ego's guilt and attack reinforce pain, while the Holy Spirit's forgiveness leads to joy. see: periods of unsettling
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Court papers that tell a person that s/he is being sued.
court papers that notify a person that he or she is being sued.
Gas used in appliances which were designed to burn a gaseous fuel so as to utilize those combustion characteristics of gaseous fuels, such as complete combustion, safe combustion products, flame geometry, ease of temperature control to precise levels, and optimum safety of heat application. Specifically excluded are steam and hot water boilers, gas turbines, space-heating equipment and indirect air heaters, where, for all such equipment, alternate fuel-burning equipment is available. A process gas load by this definition is a load for which there is no usable alternate to a gaseous fuel.
For purposes of this workbook and these definitions, a "process" may refer to the complete production process, such as doing a load of laundry or making bread from start to finish, or to a segment of the complete process, such as the wash cycle or the baking process.
Work performed on, or in response to, incoming data flows or conditions. It is also called Transform. Process analysis data Additional information such as the cost of each process, the value added by each process and the consequences of elimination or streamlining the process.
( in a DFD) something that transforms data values.
The flow of material in time and space. The accumulation of sub-processes, or operations that transform material from raw material to finished products.
refers to how to think (organize, analyze, evaluate, research, frame and solve problems), rather than what to think (i.e., learning a specific skill or content) in regard to learning.
(v) to discuss with one's friends or therapist or support group any problems which might be bothering one with the aim of figuring out how to solve the problems. Most commonly used by lesbians.
A pattern that you follow in putting words together; for example, CVC reduplication is a process that you perform on nouns to make plurals, while with inherently reduplicated words you're not doing anything to the word, the reduplication just is.
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Process is the hardest working phase in OCR for AnyDoc. During processing, OCR for AnyDoc separates data from non-data form elements, such as character boxes, lines and background noise. Once the data is separated, OCR for AnyDoc captures the data and validates it against pre-defined business rules.
the psychological quality, i.e.,the ability, skill, attitude, etc., being measured by an item.
Project Cost Psychological influences
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Short for stochastic process.
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See POSIX process.
A system of causes.
Occurs whenever the system undergoes either a change in state or an energy transfer at a steady stare. ( 030)
The interactions between patients and the healthcare system
is a model of business behavior. Usually it is a normative model showing, how things should be done. Process has different connotation on different levels; in organizations it describes behavior, in EE it describes capability to behave, and in VE a model represented to customer of how to interact with the consortium. If a plan is a notion used in connection to consortium based on EE, process is a notion in connection to VE. At the time DE and VE become one-to-one, plan and process do so also.
the most important thing in the world.
Process are the inks printers use when printing in more than 1 color. There are 4 process inks: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). Most printed pieces that appear to have many colors are actually made up of dots of a combination of the 4 process colors. Not all colors "translate" perfectly into process. Most 4-color digital presses also use CMYK, there just aren't any dots- these are 4 "toners" instead of inks. [Back
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To precess means to mix or cut up in a food processor or blender.
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Another name for a neurite.
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All semester bills must be processed by the due date, even if no money is owed (zero-balance bill). Bills may be processed by the student on the college's Web site or returned by mail for processing. It is by processing the bill that a student notifies the college of which items are to be included in the semester charges and how the bill is being paid (financial aid credits, check, cash, or credit card).
The students took a factory tour, and observed the process of cheese making.
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Any method or technique designed to change the physical or chemical character of the residue or scrub alloy to render them less hazardous, safer to transport, store or dispose of, and/or less attractive for theft.
The collective external function performed by the control equipment, involving process variables and setpoint controls.
Business function
A process is a system function.It is either a data process , a control process , or a process group.It may be either continuous or discrete.
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what happens or takes place as information energy or materials pass through a system
Happen, as in: What's processing? (What's happening?) RB: 1
Development usually happens through a process - a number of planned steps or stages. Back to links
Delivery the description of how the service is going to be marketed, sold and delivered to the target clientele (eg: face to face, telephone, electronic, internet, etc.).
A Category description that characterizes what is available or “there is.
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From Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.1 ( 2004-02-04) While they are not required to check the document for validity, they are REQUIRED to process all the declarations they read in the internal DTD subset and in any parameter entity that they read, up to the first reference to a parameter entity that they do not read; that is to say, they MUST use the information in those declarations to normalize attribute values, include the replacement text of internal entities, and supply default attribute values.
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A statement of events; a narrative.
Is a combination of people, equipment, methods, materials and environment that produces output, - a given product or service. A process can involve any aspect of a business.
Combination of people, equipment, materials, methods, and environment that produce output.
The interaction of materials, machines/tools, methods and people together in an environment to produce a product or result.
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(Java Developer's Guide; search in this book)
(SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
That which must be done to bring about a particular result in terms of information to be gathered, decisions to be made and results to be achieved.
In a computer system, a unique, finite course of events defined by its purpose or by its effect, achieved under given conditions.
all the documents (usually bundled together) which related to a particular court case, whether civil or criminal in nature
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Any object protruding from the surface of a cell.
the living expression of the organism in the moment - i.e. what you are feeling, sensing, experiencing in the immediate present.
application of content, non-verbals, and overall knowledge of individual.
an action connected with the continuation, development and change of life or matter.
continuing development involving many changes
Each process in an Oracle instance performs a specific job. By dividing the work of Oracle and database applications into several processes, multiple users and applications can connect to a single database instance simultaneously. See Also: Oracle process, user process
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Non-judgmental self-observation.
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A form of state transition network.
v.t. form by the compiler) to perform minimal compilation, determining the time of evaluation for a form, and possibly evaluating that form (if required).
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Process air Proof pressure
Physical or chemical change of matter or conversion of energy.
What is actually done to create a product.
The process by which the client obtains the product (eg what they have to do to register as a borrower, or order a search).
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extension of a structure or organ
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A change from one state to another