Definitions for "Environment"
That which environs or surrounds; surrounding conditions, influences, or forces, by which living forms are influenced and modified in their growth and development.
Totality of nongenetic influences on development, external to the self. (6)
surroundings; the totality of things that in any way may affect an organism, including physical and cultural conditions; a region characterised by a certain set of physical conditions; the physical, built and social environment in the context of this document
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The set of defined shell variables (some of which are PATH, TERM, SHELL, HOME) that define the conditions under which your commands run. These conditions can include your terminal characteristics, home directory, and default search path. These variables are set in your .profile.
a function which associates variables to terms (or a list of associations variables-terms)
a mapping from variable print names to arbitrary Oz values
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Glossario ambientale A.R.P.A.V.
The attributes which affect how the computer communicates with the user, Windows is an example of an operating environment.
A comforting and illusory concept that lulls us into thinking that we are substantial enduring bodies within an environment that may or may not affect us. While the environmental movement champions important ecological causes the very term environment tends to reinforce certain culturally current ideas that undermine robustly ecological and ethological concepts.
Act of environing; state of being environed.
Total environmental impact of a product. Taking full account of energy, pollution, use of raw materials etc.
This category applies to issues relating to environmental pollution. Laws and regulations that relate to this category are the Clean Water Act; Clean Air Act; Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), also known as the Superfund Law; Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA); and the Resource, Conservation, and Recovery Act (RCRA).
a significant process and a bit of "internship" could be helpful
Each transaction is processed in a particular environment. For example: e-Commerce transactions are processed in an e-Commerce environment with an e-Commerce merchant ID. DataCash can process transactions in e-Commerce, MoTo, recurring and CHP environments
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Area or region conducive for the development of a mineral. Certain minerals only develop in certain environments.
An SAP environment is a completely self-contained version of the SAP database, designated for a specific purpose. For example, at MIT there is a Production environment and a Training environment, as well as others for testing and development.
a suite of tools which is used during the entire development process
A global context in which to access data; associated with the environment is any information that is global in nature, such as a list of all connections in that environment.
an ordered list of declarations of global names
"Each compilation unit submitted to the compiler is compiled in the context of an environment declarative_part (or simply environment), which is a conceptual declarative_part that forms the outermost declarative region of the context of any compilation. At run time, an environment forms the declarative_part of the body of the environment task of a partition." [ISO/IEC 8652:1995(E), 10.1.4(1)]. Note that the mechanisms for creating an environment and for adding and replacing compilation units within an environment are implementation-defined.
An Environment is a design environment tailored to a particular style. It includes a set of policies about the style, and a set of tools that work in harmony with that style, visualization information for tools, and so forth. The applicable rule of thumb is that if something is part of the formal meaning, it should be part of a style; if it's part of the presentation to the user, it should be part of the environment. See also: Style, Environment Description
a configuration which sets the standards for the software
a program or set of programs that effect the design and operation of an OPEN LOOK GUI implementation
The complete makeup of the parts of your home or center and yard in which you care for children, including furnishings, toys, and planned activities
Precast concrete and prefabrication delivers many environmental benefits including shorter construction time, fewer traffic movements, less dust and noise, far less waste and achieves close to zero defects.
Rachel Carson was the first to warn that pesticides can damage the environment.
That part of the universe that is outside of the system under study.
If that which is under study is a system, then the rest of the world is the environment.
The environment of a system is that part of the universe that is in communication with the system, but is not part of the system. [Walter Fritz, Intelligent Systems and Their Societies
distributed] simulations that represent activities at a high level of realism, from simulations of theaters of war, to factories and manufacturing processes. These environments may be created within a single computer, or a vast distributed network connected by local and wide area networks and augmented by super-realistic special effects and accurate behavioral models. They allow visualization of and immersion into the environment being simulated.
a unique configuration, where some features of the framework can be activated or deactivated as required
The way your application interacts with Cloudscape. Sometimes referred to as a framework. The two environments are Embedded environment and Client/server environment.
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See Hyperbole environment.
a fantasy world created for recovering alcoholics, and it does make achieving sobriety easier
an area where there must be total skills and technology transfer to Police
an excellent vehicle for building bridges between the police and the community
a suite of programs designed to assist the engineer with all tasks from the creation and submitting through to the post-processing of LS-DYNA analyses
Desktop Publishing Manufacturing (CAM/CIM)
a collection of associations of formal and actual parameters
a collection of concepts that express the things a computer system does in terms designed to be understandable and coherent, and a look and feel that is comfortable
a larger construct than a macro, and can be used for things with more content than would conveniently fit in a macro parameter
Environmentalism Equity, Inequity, Equality and Inequality Erosion Ethnicity
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a mapping from symbols to bindings
a mapping from symbols to values
a mapping from Symbol to Location
A concept used by the debugger to determine what source code to display, what language to use when parsing expressions, and what blocks to search for objects. The run environment is the block containing the current point of execution. The current environment (also called the Current Location) is the run environment by default, but you can use the environment command to change the current environment to any block within the program.
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an easy know Brite,Array application
A rich source of environmental terms afforded by The European Environment Agency. Multilingual.
All components of FireSign connected to a single FireSign Server on a network in a single location.
the hardware, operating system, programming language virtual machine, and browser on which the software components of an application execute.
A computing environment is a complete system of hardware and software, including the computer, its peripherals, its operating system and application software. The more modern the hardware and software, the better the environment - and the easier it is to do your work.
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Portal to environmental pages. View page
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an absolute must
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The place where applications programs reside, along with McIDAS-X resident programs and shared memory.
a collection of actors and functions that are combined to support a procedure for information and services discovery, order, and delivery
A geographically restricted area where sediments accumulate.
The encapsulation of one, or more, activity, or process. source: EU-P103 domain: usage: EU-P103
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a tall order
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A session that is established on a remote node.
a chained list of frames in which the interpreter works
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a segment of text that is managed differently than the rest of the document
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a region of your source file which LaTeX treats in a special way
a container type that is dedicated to a specific purpose
computer generated model that can be experienced from the inside as if it were a place
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a list of two or more frames
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Environment protection.
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The location where the device will be used.
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See application environment.
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See call environment.