Definitions for "Damage"
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Injury or harm to person, property, or reputation; an inflicted loss of value; detriment; hurt; mischief.
The estimated reparation in money for detriment or injury sustained; a compensation, recompense, or satisfaction to one party, for a wrong or injury actually done to him by another.
To occasion damage to the soundness, goodness, or value of; to hurt; to injure; to impair.
a markedly favorable and widespread adaptation,
Damage is a 1991 novel by Josephine Hart (ISBN 0-449-91188-8) about a British politician who, in the prime of life, causes his own downfall through an inappropriate relationship. It was adapted into a film of the same title by Louis Malle in 1992, as well as into an opera (called Damage, an opera in seven meals) by Greek composer Charalampos Goyios in 2004.
Damage is a card game described in the science fiction novel Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks. Like Poker, the game is simple and involves psychology and bluff, but it has added dimensions.
Physical change to a numismatic item, such as a scratch, nick, ding, cleaning, hole or pitting
A problem such as scratches, nicks, holes, harsh cleaning, pitting, etc. which lowers the value of a numismatic item.
a common route leading to mutation
a first step in the creation of a database of disease-causing combinations of mutated human genes, according
a major problem because it results in mutations in the transcription of
Damage is a DC Comics superhero who first appeared in a comic book of the same name during the Zero Hour crisis. He is the son of the original Atom Al Pratt. He has been a member of the Titans, Young Justice, the Freedom Fighters, and is currently a member of the Justice Society of America.
a statistical phenomena, called stochastic by the physicists, while the inflammatory response is non-stochastic, or deterministic as it is now called
When one Pokémon attacks another, it will usually cause damage. If a Pokémon has total damage greater than or equal to its Hit Points, it is Knocked Out.
The statistical effect of a successful attack on a character. This may be the recording f wounds or the loss of 'hit points' or both.
a constant challenge to cells and a primary event leading to cancer
a known risk factor for lung cancer
a major contributor to aging and to the degenerative diseases associated with aging, such as cancer
Means to destroy, alter, delete, add, modify or rearrange any computer resource by any means.
(Perte ou Dommage)"Loss" designates that portion which is entirely lost or destroyed while "damage" designates that part of the property which is not consumed, but remains after the fire in a more or less damaged condition.
DANCE: use both for dance productions and the art; also used with REVIEW. DATE: use when a specific one is given, either past or future; when it is important or significant DEATH: use when a death is mentioned; is often added to STABBING, SHOOTING, ACCIDENT, DISASTER, etc. DECREASE: may include statistics; not to be used for speculations; see also INCREASE. DEFECT: as in auto (use VEHICLE), product, process. DEFENSE: for stories about a nation's military or defense of the nation in general; may use the name of a country in the subject field. DELAY: use when something is ""held up.'' DEVELOPMENT: use as a noun for real estate, office buildings, etc; may use for state, county, etc. in a larger sense.
a delay in the cell cycle during prometaphase
a sequeli of oxidative stress and these are supposedly antioxidants, then theoretically vitamin C should reduce the oxidative stress," Lunec said
an obligatory step in the caspase-dependent apoptotic pathway
damage - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
a basic physiological process that is important to coping with environmental toxins and a number of congenital diseases", said Ideker, the senior author of the paper
an important milestone
This article is about a British boy band.
Damage was a free download single released by contemporary rock band The Cooper Temple Clause released May 2006. The first single from the bands third album Make This Your Own the single was also sold in CD format at the bands concerts. As the bands first single for three years it was met with generally good reviews and recognised a move away from the bands increasingly electronic style.
Damage was a New York hardcore band ca. 1983-1988.
causes, prevention, and assessment
a root cause of carcinogenesis and, perhaps, aging
any accidental, sudden and unforeseen damage to the Handset caused by external means which affects the operational functioning of the Handset.
an inevitable consequence of cellular metabolism, with a propensity for increased levels following toxic insult
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"Damage" is the title of an episode from the third season of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise. It was the seventy-first episode of the series, and it first aired on 21 April, 2004.
the act of damaging something or someone
the amount of money needed to purchase something; "the price of gasoline"; "he got his new car on excellent terms"; "how much is the damage?"
"something done or suffered that reduces the value or usefulness of the thing affected or spoils its appearance" [Oxford
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the occurrence of a change for the worse
a common occurrence
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a hallmark of ionizing radiation
a strategy conserved throughout prokaryotic and eukaryotic evolution
Same as break and crack.
Constitutes breakage, chips, cracks or excessive flaws.
You can do damage to your opponent, which forces him or her to discard cards from the top of his or her deck. You can also damage a Creature in play. If the total damage a Creature takes during the game is greater than or equal to its Health, it's discarded. (Use counters to keep track of damage that's less than the Creature's Health.)
a possible health hazard for chromium
Refers to the condition of the product which shows the evidence of the pest habitation or feeding, (e.g., tunneling, gnawing, egg cases, etc.).
A view is damaged when it is totally or partially occluded by another view.
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the negative result from the impact of an event.
an extremely common event in a cell's lifetime
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a normal and vital process in the cell
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a matter of some interest