Definitions for "Chips"
Small colored discs that represent real money at a cash game or theoretical tournament dollars in a tournament. Each color represents a certain denomination of money.
Round tokens often made of clay or plastic used to represent money in a casino poker game.
These are tokens that the Casino uses, in place of cash, for making bets. You buy chips at the table. You cash chips in at the Cashier's Cage. Chips may bought in various denominations, $2, $5, etc.
See Clearing House Interbank Payment System.
The New York clearing system. (Clearing House Interbank Payment System) .Most Euro transactions are cleared and settled through this system.
Clearing House Interbank Payment System (USA)
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A ship's carpenter.
A carpenter or carpenter's mate.
another name for carpenter
Chips was a Swedish pop and country group, formed in 1979 by Kikki Danielsson and Lasse Holm, and split in 1983.
Chips is a 1980 album from the Swedish pop and country group Chips. It was the debut album from the group.
Wood chips produced by a chipper; used to produce pulp, fibreboard and particleboard, and also as fuel
Woody material cut into short, thin wafers. Chips are used as a raw material for pulping and fiberboard or as biomass fuel.
The cutting, usually of a softwood log, into small pieces. The first step in making pulp for paper.
Chips the dog was the most decorated wardog from World War II. Chips was a German Shepherd-Collie-Husky mix owned by Edward J. Wren of Pleasantville, NY.
Miniaturized microprocessors built on a single piece of silicon. [Typically, less than 1/2-inch square, they contain all the essential elements of a central processor, including the control logic, instruction decoding and arithmetic processing circuitry. Microprocessor chips are combined with memory and I/O integrated circuit chips to form a microcomputer, which usually fill no more than a single printed circuit board.
the name for an integrated circuit. Chips are silicon wafers with circuits photo-etched into the silicon surface of layers.
Sorry, not the kind you eat. These are really tiny electrical "circuit" boards that are capable of storing millions of bits of information.
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Charged Coupling Devices (CCDs) or Chips are the devices within video cameras that seek images to record. Professional grade cameras typically contain 3 chips which interpret three different signals on three different paths, while consumer grade cameras combine the signals into one path. This is one of the reasons why professional grade cameras deliver a higher clarity picture.
The image-sensing devices in today’s camcorders are Charged Coupling Devices, also known as CCD’s, or chips. Camcorders generally have one or three chips, and they are generally ½” or 2/3” in size. Professional level camcorders generally have 3 chips. The chips take the primary colors of video, red, green, and blue, and transform them into electronic signals that the camcorders put to tape. With a 3-chip camcorder, each color has its own path, while a single chip camera puts all three colors on the same path. By keeping the colors separate, 3-chip cameras tend to have an advantage in clarity over 1-chip cameras.
Small excised pieces of prostatic tissue that are used for pathology and weighed to determine the size do the resected prostate gland.
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Good with burgers.
Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma, a UNEX selected in 1998 for flight in 2001.
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Individually cut pats of butter adhered to greaseproof paper.
Leftovers resulting from the preparation of cork and/or its transformation into cork stoppers.
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The feat of scoring 26 points in a throw; see also Classic
A score of 26. (See also: "BREAKFAST")
Marble granules screened to various sizes used in thin-set terrazzo. The common sizes used in terrazzo are 0, #1, and #2. The term chips is also used to describe the colored quartz aggregate used in broadcast decorative flooring. See “Paint Chips.
The fattening, non-nutritional food computer users eat to avoid having to leave their keyboards for meals.
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Choice market CIF
Chalmers Information Project for System-coordination(?) The name of the project that concerns the implementation proposed in this report.
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Chipped Gems
An EMBOSS application. Codon usage statistics.
The product of a primary manufacturing process where trees and parts of trees are converted into chips, small pieces of wood, to be used in the making of paper products, reconstituted building materials, and even burned for electricity.
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The common term for checks.
see wheel checks
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Child in need of protection or services.