Definitions for "CHAPS"
Leather leggings worn over trousers to protect mounted cattle workers from the many thorny plants in the Southwest (Mexican Spanish chaparreras [1844])
Personal protective equipment which cover the legs from the waist to 2" below the boot tops. All wildland fire chain saw operators and swampers must wear approved chain saw chaps.
long leather leggings worn by cowboys over their pants for protection against cactus and other range plants.
An nmap wrapper system which, among many other things, provides historical access to all past scans, and vulnerability analysis.
An electronic payment between two bank accounts. If you make a payment by CHAPS before 3.15pm, it will be cleared on the same working day.
(Clearing house automatic payment system) payment An electronic transfer of money between two banks accounts. Usually clears the payment on the same working day.
A type of histone deacetylase inhibitor in which a hydroxamic-acid moiety is linked to a cyclic tetrapeptide analogue of trapoxin.
CHAPS (formerly the Community HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategy) is a partnership of UK gay men's health promotion organisations. It is currently funded to operate in England and Wales by the Department of Health and is administered by Terrence Higgins Trust.
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See also BACS
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The jaws, or the fleshy parts about them. See Chap.
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